Unbound 1.4.21 released
2013/09/19 14:28author:
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Source: unbound-1.4.21.tar.gz

Linux and *BSD sources and binaries can easily be obtained using (your favorite) package manager or ports collection.

Windows version for 32bit and 64bit compiled from the source in 32bit mode.Installer: unbound_setup_1.4.21.exe
Binaries (no install): unbound-1.4.21.zip
Doc: READMEmanual(pdf)

Date: 19 September, 2013
  1、Implement max-udp-size config option, default 4096 (thanks Daisuke Higashi), with fix#524 for nonEDNS0 queries.
  2、add unbound-control insecure_add and insecure_remove for the administration of negative trust anchors.
  3、install copy of unbound-control.8 man page for unbound-control-setup.
  4、code improve for minimal responses, small speed increase.
  5、max include of 100.000 files (depth and globbed at one time). This is to preserve system memory in bug cases, or endless cases.
  6、unbound.h header file has UNBOUND_VERSION_MAJOR define.
  7、get_option, set_option, unbound-checkconf -o and libunbound getoption() and setoption() support cache-min-ttl and cache-max-ttl. Also log-time-ascii, python-script, val-sig-skew-min and val-sig-skew-max. log-time-ascii takes effect immediately. The others are mostly useful for libunbound users.
  8、configure --disable-flto option (from Robert Edmonds).
  9、streamtcp man page, contributed by Tomas Hozza.
  10、Make reverse zones easier by documenting the nodefault statements commented-out in the example config file.
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