SM2 algorithm

Public key cryptographic algorithm SM2 based on elliptic curves


In order to satisfy the application requirements, such as the electronic authentication service system, the State Cryptography Administration issued the Public key cryptographic algorithm SM2 based on elliptic curves on December 17,2010, and it claimed to upgrade the existing systems which are based on the RSA algorithm, including electronic authentication systems、key management systems and applications systems.

SM2 is a kind of asymmetric cryptographic algorithm which is based on elliptic curves cryptography (ECC), the algorithm standard includes four parts:


Part 1: General

It can be used for those public key cryptographic algorithm based on elliptic curves whose base field is prime field and binary extension field.

Part 2: Digital signature algorithm

It can be used for digital signature and verification of commercial cryptographic applications, and it satisfies security needs of a variety of cryptographic applications, integrity and authenticity of authentication and data included.

Part 3: Key exchange protocol

It can be used for key exchange of commercial cryptographic applications, which can meet the need that the communicating parties obtain a shared secret key (session key) decided by both parties only after two or three optional information transfer process.

Part 4: Public key encryption algorithm

It could be applied for encryption and decryption of messages of commercial cryptographic applications, the message sender can use the recipient’s public key to encrypt the message, and the receiver can decrypt with the corresponding private key.

Notes, all the algorithms except Part 1 can provide standard positioning and standardized reference about products and technologies for safety product manufacturers, thus enhancing the credibility and interoperability of safety products.


SM2 algorithm

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