Zhen YU, Co-chair of APNIC NIR-SIG
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Mr. Zhen YU, graduated from Wuhan University in July 2001, obtained his master degree in business administration from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in March 2013. Joined CNNIC in 2011, he currently holds the position of CNNIC IP address engineer, in charge of IP address allocation management, membership management, IP policy research at home and abroad, etc.


NIR SIG is a working group for national Internet registries in the APNIC community. NIR includes CNNIC from China, IDNIC from Indonesia, IRINN from India, JPNIC from Japan, KRNIC from Korea, TWNIC from Taiwan, VNNIC from Vietnam. As an information platform, NIR SIG aims to facilitate the sharing and exchange of each NIR concerning operation, policy and procedure, and promote the communication and cooperation of NIR and APNIC. The work method of NIR SIG contains of on-site meetings and mailing list discussion. As Co-chair of NIR SIG, Mr. Zhen YU is responsible for assisting the Chairman to determine the agenda of the NIR working group meeting and arranging the conference. 


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