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Brand Positioning
With the development of the application mode, technology and industry related to Internet, the Network infrastructure plays a more and more important role as a pillar for application support and security guarantee. As an important constructor, operator and administrator of infrastructure in Chinese information society, CNNIC sticks to fulfilling its duty of serving the customers and netizens, and actively promotes all work in Internet Network infrastructure. Through technological upgrade, business management, development and research and the ever-improving service system, we strive to become the world’s first-class Internet Network Information Center delivering professional service with a strong sense of responsibility.

Organizational Mission: Important constructor, operator and administrator of infrastructure in Chinese information society
Organizational Vision: World-class network information center
Strategy: Provide efficient and application-oriented services through secure & stable Internet infrastructure for public interests
Brand Value: Professional, responsible, service
Social Responsibility: Be dedicated to the responsibility to the country, benefits to the society, and harmony among people
Organizational Culture: Earn trust with inner respect, practical work, positive initiative, solid credibility, and collaborative effort

Touching Moments

CNNIC Milestones

1. In June 1997, according to the decision of the Office of the Information Work Leading Group of the State Council, the Computer Internet Information Center of China Academy of Sciences set up China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), functioning as the national Internet Network information center. 

2. In November 1997, CNNIC released Statistical Report on Internet Development in China for the first time.

3. In November 2000, the Ministry of Information Industry (predecessor of the Ministry of Industry of Information Technology) authorized CNNIC as Chinese Domain Name Registry.

4. In April 2004, RFC3743 was released, the first IETF technical standard formulated by China in seven years. 

5. In October 2006, RFC4713 was released. It focuses on domain names in special and traditional Chinese, protecting the interests of Chinese domain name registrants. 

6. In September 2008, RFC5336 was released, laying down a foundation for promoting the application of international multi-language email system. 

7. In October 2008, Beijing Olympic Committee granted CNNIC “News Publicity Contribution Award in the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics”.

8. In June 2009, China first domain name meeting was held.

9. In July 2009, the system underwent upgrading, with the analysis time shortened from 4 hours to about 15 minutes. 

10. In December 2009, CNNIC organized a special campaign to step up administration on domain name registration information, deal a blow on improper domain name application, and protect the public’s rights and interests. 

11. In June 2010, “.中国” in both simple and traditional Chinese versions were delegated into the DNS root zone, signaling Chinese culture mounted on the Internet arena. 

12. In July 2010, RFC5930 was released, laying down a foundation for further analysis breakthroughs in IETF.

13. In June 2011, CNNIC launched country code domain name cloud analysis service, the first free authorized analysis service offered by country code domain name registry across the world. 

14. In February 2012, RFC6531 was released as China’s first STAND TRACK basic technique standard influencing all netizens’ online experience, ushering in the new era of international multi-language mail service.

15. Since May 2012, the domain names of “.CN” and “.中国” are kept open to natural persons.

16. In April 2013, the 46th ICANN meeting jointly undertaken by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC) and Internet Society of China (ISC) was successfully completed in Beijing.

Professional  Responsible  Service
CNNIC strives for a greater say for China on Internet. It leads the endeavor of and participates in formulating international standards. It has five RFCs formally released by IETF.
Country code top level domain name registration, analysis and WHOIS service keep a usability record of 100% in the SLA for two consecutive years.
CNNIC is accredited by ISCCC in light of the Information Security Management System (ISMS).
CNNIC registers CMMI – Level III in development and research.
CNNIC is an authoritative organization of research and punishment of improper use of domain names.
CNNIC owns DNS service software including Zebra, zlope with independent intellectual property rights, and has developed the whole series of SDNS soft- and hard-ware and related services.
The Country Code Domain Name Security Alliance is established to guide the development of the Internet industry and uplift the stability and security of the country code DNS.
CNNIC Selected as the Only Organization in the Asia-Pacific Region as One of the World's Three New gTLD EBERO.

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