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Notification of CNNIC Reserved Domain Names Launch for Landrush
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1. Landrush Rule
(1) Landrush Date
Star from at 9:00(GMT+8) 23rd December, 2013 to at 24:00(GMT+8) 22nd January,2014.
CNNIC refers Landrush period to the second phase for reserved domain names launch, all end-users are allowed to apply domain name/s by competitive bidding.

(2) Landrush Participants
Any individuals or organizations which are able to bear civil liability independently

(3) Landrush Participation Method
By open invitation and selection of National domain name registrars, it finally confirmed that 厦门易名科技有限公司(eName Technology Co.,Ltd.) shall provide bidding service platform of Landrush Period.
Participants need to auction off reserved domain names on the bidding service platform of Landrush Period appointed by CNNIC, bidding service platform link and rule will be publicly announced before 20th December, 2013.

(4) Complete Domain Name Register
After Landrush, the bidder of reserved domain names should complete registration verification in registrar bidding service platform, the price reserved domain names of bidder offer is only including first year registration fee.

(5) Money Handling
After Landrush, all money through this bidding, deduct national domain name standard fee and all necessary taxes and relative fee costing this launch period, will be donated to CFPA (China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) for public welfare program. All details of money expenditure and revenue, please refer to the report provided by appointed audit institute after Landrush.

2. Landrush Result Announcement
CNNIC will publicly announce Landrush result before 28th January, 2014.

3. Domain name Dispute
Any organizations or individuals consider the domain name registered by others which will conflict with its legal interests, please making formal complaints to dispute resolution agency according to CNNIC Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

4. Official Launch period
All reserved domain names which were not registered by end-users during Sunrise and Landrush period, will officially open. It will follow rule of “first applicant, fist registration” for reserved domain name according to China Internet Domain Name Regulations.

5. Contact
National domain name service center  

Reserved Domain Names’List for Landrush Bidding


China Internet Network Information Center

December 18,2013




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