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Notice on ".公司" and ".网络"Registration Service Adjustment
2014/01/22 15:40author:
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On December 18, 2009, ICANN released a draft of new generic top level domain (new gTLD) program, and in March 2011 formally approved the implementation of the scheme. In April 2012, CNNIC officially applied for the new gTLD program and proposed to ICANN to delegate ".公司" and ".网络" into the global root zone. According to the "Notice on China Internet Domain Name System" released by the former Ministry of Information Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), registration services under ".公司" and ".网络", which are Chinese top-level domains in China's Internet domain name system, have been provided for mainland users in China.

On January 21, 2014, ICANN approved ".公司" and ".网络" to be formally delegated into the global Internet root zone and become available for global access as new gTLDs.

In order to maintain the normal registration order after the delegation of ".公司" and ".网络" and safeguard national and public interest, based on ICANN new gTLD registration regulations, CNNIC will make adjustments on the registration services for ".公司" and ".网络" as follows:

1. Regulation for the pre-Sunrise period: from January 21, 2014 6pm to the start date of Sunrise, ".公司" and ".网络" are not open for registration.

2 During the non-registration period, Whois query service is not affected. Renewals and transfers and other related services are not affected for original holders.

3. Specific Sunrise time and detailed rules will be noticed soon. Please stay tuned.

We welcome any comments and suggestions as to the registration and use for ".公司" and ".网络".
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January 22,2014

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