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Influence Notice of Name Collision on Partial “.公司xn--55qx5d”& “.网络xn--io0a7i”
2014/08/01 19:38author:
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On 7 October 2013, the New gTLD Program Committee of the ICANN Board adopted a Resolution for Addressing the Consequences of Name Collisions. The decision cleared the way for new gTLDs to move forward to Delegation, while addressing concerns about Name Collision raised by the community.

In order to comply with the NGPC's Resolution, ICANN must make a "Required Change" to the Registry Agreement for new gTLDs. Effective immediately, Specification 6, which addresses Registry Interoperability and Continuity, has been replaced in its entirety.

CNNIC as registry of “.公司xn--55qx5d”& “.网络xn--io0a7i”will make adjustments pursuant to ICANN policy as below:
1) For domains of “.公司xn--55qx5d”& “.网络xn--io0a7i”registered before 1st August, 2014 and contained in name collision list published by ICANN: Status will be “serverhold”for three months after registration data transferred into new database and no resolution be provided during this period.

2) For “.公司xn--55qx5d”& “.网络xn--io0a7i”newly registered domains after 1st August and contained in name collision list published by ICANN, 2014: Status will be “serverhold”for three months automatically after registration and no resolution be provided during this period.

Above status will be updated to active automatically after three months limitation ends.


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August 1, 2014

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