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Chinese gTLD Promotion Program Opens a New Era of Chinese Internet
2014/07/22 15:52author:
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  On July 17 CNNIC held a ceremony in Beijing for launching the global road show of a Chinese gTLD Promotion Program entitled “Internet•Chinese•New Era”. Government officials and industry experts who attended the ceremony include Wang Xiujun, Vice Minister of the State Internet Information Office; Shang Bing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Fang Xin, Deputy Secretary of CAS Party Committee; Gao Lulin, Vice President of the Internet Society of China; Qian Hualin, Chairman of Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC); and Song Zheng, Director of ICANN Beijing Cooperation Center.

  From the beginning of July 2014, Chinese gTLDs “.公司”(.company) and “.网络” (.network) are open to the public for registration, marking another major milestone in strategic global deployment of Chinese gTLDs after “.中国” (.China), the first Chinese ccTLD was formally delegated into the global Internet root name system in 2010

  After extending warm congratulations on the opening of “.公司” and “.网络” as the first batch of New gTLDs, Wang Xiujun proposed four opinions on how to develop, utilize and manage the Internet from the perspective of China’s cyberspace development strategy. According to her opinions, first, China must maintain network security while vigorously promoting Internet development; second, rights and obligations shall be kept in balance; third, the development of network culture must be guided by core socialist values; and fourth, international exchange and cooperation in the Internet field must be strengthened based on the principle of multi-stakeholder, democracy and transparency. Shang Bing said that basic resources represented by domain names and related systems play an important central role in the Internet. In the operation of new Chinese gTLDs, national and industrial regulatory requirements on real-name registration, network security and user information protection shall be strictly followed, he continued. He required that all parties concerned should fully tap the value of Chinese gTLDs as basic resources, further sharpen their sense of responsibility and take an active part in the formulation of related international standards and policies.

  Fang Xin fully affirmed the efforts made over the years by CNNIC and CAS researchers in developing Chinese domain technologies and related international standards, pledging that CAS will continue to provide strong scientific & technological support for national network security and informatization cause by making full use of its research strengths in accordance with the requirements of “Taking the Lead in Four Aspects”. Speaking of the problems encountered in the development and application of Chinese gTLDs, Gao Lulin suggests that all parties concerned immediately improve the application environment and actively push ahead application innovation. Qian Hualin, who is also an inductee of the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame, introduced the development history of Chinese domain names, and appealed to all sectors to jointly promote the application of Chinese gTLDs. 

  The Chinese gTLD Promotion Program launched at the ceremony is of great significance for the development of the Chinese domain name industry. CNNIC Executive Director Li Xiaodong said the Program will popularize the use and accelerate the development of Chinese gTLDs represented by “.中国”, “.公司” and “.网络” in various fields, and eventually enhance the influence of Chinese in the global Internet community. As a “national team” in this field, CNNIC will, based on years of experience in domain name management and operation, play an active role in promoting the application of Chinese-language TLDs by establishing a benchmark, setting an example, and taking the lead. 

  It is said that the global road show of the “Internet•Chinese•New Era” Program will start from Beijing and then spread to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places.

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