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CNNIC-Farsight Internet Data Joint Lab Founded
2014/08/28 15:53author:
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On Aug. 27th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and Farsight Security signed a contract, announcing the establishment of CNNIC-Farsight Internet Data Joint Lab (hereafter referred to as CFID). Taking full use of this platform, CNNIC and Farsight are committing jointly to the research on Big Data-related technology, application and security factors. As co-directors of CFID, Dr. Xiaodong Lee, CEO of CNNIC and Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security attended the ceremony.
CFID bases itself upon the rich experience that CNNIC and Farsight Security have accumulated through long-term’s Internet data analysis and DNS development. It is to research technologies on mass data gathering and mining, with a focus on critical internet resources, including IP and domain names. Moreover, through Big Data analysis, CFID is dedicated to building up security capacity, improving the ability of identifying and predicting security risks and offering diversified Internet security solutions.

At the founding ceremony, Dr. Paul Vixie took up his position in CNNIC as a senior advisor. He also delivered a lecture under the title of “DNS: Internet Risk Control Point”, which triggered warm response on the spot.

Dr. Paul Vixie is a senior expert in the sphere of Internet critical resources, inductee of the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014, founder of the Internet Software Consortium (ISC). He has designed and led the research of a DNS open source software——BIND, which is now one of the mainstream softwares in the field. Within the community of ICANN, Dr. Paul Vixie pioneered the Root Server System Advisory Committee as well as the Security and Stability Advisory Committee.


CNNIC-Farsight Internet Data Joint Lab Founded.


Dr. Paul Vixie took up his position in CNNIC as a senior advisor.

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