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The Chinese Domain Name Brand Protection Service Was Concerned at the 2015 CDNC Annual Meeting Held in Taipei
2015/07/27 14:49author:
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From July 9th to 12th, the 2015 annual meeting of Chinese Domain Name Consortium (CDNC) was held in Taipei. At the meeting, CNNIC introduced the Chinese domain name brand protection service, which was newly developed about Chinese new gTLD. Through intellectualized technical detection means, it can provide much service for Chinese domain name registrants and trademark holders, such as domain name similarity assessment, domain name registration recommendation, business similarity detection and phishing protection, thus fundamentally protecting the rights and interests of Chinese domain name registrants and trademark holders in the whole process.

In recent years, with the implementation of the New gTLD policy adopted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the increased support to the registration of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN), Chinese gTLD was paid much attention to by relevant parties and became a symbol of the integration of commercial brands and the Internet. At the same time, along with the popularization of Chinese domain name, domain name or brand counterfeit also occurred occasionally. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of domain name or trademark holders, from 2014 CNNIC started the technological research and development work about Chinese domain name brand protection. Zhiwei Yan at the basic technology laboratory of CNNIC introduced that, Chinese domain name brand protection service could provide full-range advice and service for brand protection. Based on more than 19000 Chinese characters for Chinese domain name registration, CNNIC constructed three types of similar character database including shape, pronunciation and meaning by using machine learning, computer vision and other technology, then achieved character combination and sorting by combining the social engineering principle and domain name registration rules, and lastly made the service be supported by WHOIS and illegal domain name detection system. 

Chinese culture is broad and profound. Chinese domain name is composed of characters whose meaning can be deduced from the form, and thus can better meet the language and using habits of Chinese people, and be memorized more conveniently. Xiaodong Lee, Director of CNNIC said that, the application and popularization of Chinese domain name would favor the information exchange and emotional expression of global Chinese people, play a vital role in promoting the healthy and orderly development of the domain name industry in China, and help to improve the overall development of Chinese information service industry, thus further driving a deeper and more diversified development of the Internet economic. Xiaodong Lee stressed that, with the upgrade of Chinese domain name application environment and the increase of application cases, all kinds of Chinese domain name would be recommended and loved by more and more Internet users, and its unique linguistic and cultural charm would help the Chinese language yield unusually brilliant results in the field of Internet.

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