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CNNIC Attends the 40th APNIC Conference
2015/09/23 10:31author:
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Recently, the 40th conference of the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) was convened in Jakarta, Indonesia, with over 450 delegates from Internet communities in the Asia-Pacific region including The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Regional Internet Registry and National Internet Registry (NIR) participating in the event. The participants to the conference made in-depth discussions on the topics of international Internet governance, the progress of IPv6 deployment in the Asia-Pacific region and relevant policies on allocation of APNIC IP address resources, etc.

Two proposals on IPv4 address and AS number allocation policies were adopted at the conference, simplifying the MultiHome conditions of application for MultiHome IPv4 address and AS number, eliminating the need for applicants to have MultiHome conditions at the time of application and facilitating the application for MultiHome IPv4 addresses and AS numbers in the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, the delegate from China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) made a keynote speech on the current situation of the development of CNNIC IP address allocation alliance Address, the progress of IPv6 deployment in China and regional cooperation, and made extensive discussions with the Internet communities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Yu Zhen, an IP engineer of CNNIC, was elected as co-chair of the National Internet Registry Special Interest Group (NIR SIG), with a term of two years. Yu will be mainly responsible for assisting the chairperson of NIR SIG in setting schedules for the group as well as organizing and arranging relevant work. Shen Zhi, the responsible person of IP address services of CNNIC and executive member of APNIC, said that Yu’s election will facilitate the promotion of communications and cooperation between CNNIC and other NIRs as well as NIRs and APNIC.

A brief introduction to NIR SIG:
NIR SIG is the working group of national Internet registries in the Asia Pacific region. NIR consists of CNNIC, IDNIC, IRINN, JPNIC, KRNIC, TWNIC and VNNIC. As an information platform, NIR SIG aims at sharing and exchanging the experience accumulated and problems encountered by each NIR in the aspects of operations, policies, and procedures, so as to promote the exchange and cooperation between NIRs as well as NIR and APNIC.


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