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CNNIC releases "Report on Operation Status and Analysis of Domain Name's Root Service System "
2015/10/08 14:08author:
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National Engineering Laboratory for Internet Domain Name Management Technology released the "Report on Operation Status and Analysis of Domain Name's Root Service System" (hereinafter referred to as "the Report") a few days ago to monitor and analyze the services provided by the only 13 root domain name servers in the world. 

As the core infrastructure of the Internet, the Domain Name Service system is the "central nervous system" for the operation of the Internet. Whether the Domain Name Service system is stable and reliable directly determines if normal Internet services can be provided. Situated at the top of the global "hierarchical" domain name architecture, the root Domain Name Service is the core that decides the normal operation of the entire domain name service system and the entire Internet. 

Data of the Report all come from the national Domain Name Service safety monitoring platform. Covering more than 60 monitoring nodes of 6 major ISPs in 31 provinces on Mainland China, the Report analyzes the operation status and trend of the 13 root servers in an attempt to provide the government, industry and Internet users with data reference and a decision-making basis. 
The Report shows that: 
•The root domain name services were detected for 2,235,480 times. Among the results fed back, 28.06% were excellent, 37.87% were good, and 34.07% were poor. 
•The inspection on the respective service state of the 13 root servers shows that the root servers for which mirrors have been deployed in China (F,I,J,L) provide relatively good services. 
•In some regions in China, the access to root services still fails to hit the mirrors in China, and the quality of access services provided by the operators in different provinces varies. 

Due to the complicated network environment, root mirror nodes have different service abilities and network bandwidth resources, and are located in different provinces, and their operators have different network service abilities. Therefore, the access to the root mirror varies greatly with locations. Considering such indicators as the intra-network and inter-network access differences among different provinces and operators, as well as the service route stability of the root mirror, the Report evaluates the user experience of the Internet service on the whole based on the performance and deployment plan for the root server for DNS. In addition, most of the Internet users have to get the DNS results via the recursive services of operators and the public recursive services provided by some companies and institutions because the DNS services adopt a layered architecture. Therefore, the actual access quality of root services in different regions is also related to the root server access strategy adopted by the recursive server. This is why such international communities as Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) have been paying attention to the optimized deployment, design and promotion strategies concerning the DNS root server in recent years. 

Profile of National Engineering Laboratory for Internet Domain Name Management Technology: 

It was founded with the approval of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in January 2014. According to the suggestions proposed in the Opinions on Development and Construction of Next-generation Internet during the "12th Five-Year Plan" issued by NDRC and the Planning for the Internet Industry during the "12th Five-Year Plan" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CNNIC led six relevant units and jointly set up National Engineering Laboratory for Internet Domain Name Management Technology. The laboratory will help resolve the disadvantages of the Internet domain name management technology in China, speed up technological innovation in network and information security, and promote quick upgrade of the Internet industry. 

As a national domain name management institution, CNNIC has gained rich experience in the operation and management of domain names. Based on this, the laboratory has carried out in-depth research concerning the evaluation of domain name applications, analysis of undesirable applications of domain names, analysis of Internet user behavior, and public opinion analysis, etc., playing an increasingly important role in the management over basic resources of the Internet. 

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