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APTLD Supports the Deployment of EAI Technology
2015/11/10 14:40author:
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Recently, the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) published a task force bulletin on the technology development of Email Address Internationalization (EAI). This bulletin is drafted by CNNIC, and jointly initiated with ccTLD registries in Ukraine, Japan, Russia, etc., and related technology and policy agencies. It aims to appealing to the Asia Pacific region to actively promote the deployment of multilingual email address technology, as well as supporting for the application of this technology. 

Multilingual email address has become an inevitable trend in new applications and services of the future Internet. It refers to the electronic mail addresses, which contain Chinese characters, Japanese characters, and other non-English characters. EAI enables Internet users whose mother language is non-English to communicate with each other online by using localized email addresses in a native language. 

At present, CNNIC has opened the first registration platform for email addresses with Chinese domain name in the world. Internet users can register and use email addresses with Chinese domain name by directly entering “互联网.中国” in the browser. The promotion and application of email addresses based on Chinese domain name is conducive to enhancing the influence of China's leadership in international Internet technical standards.

From 2004, as the main developer and promoter of the technological standards of EAI, CNNIC has led the development of EAI international standards, promoted the development and deployment of prototype system, and accelerated the popularization of EAI. This time CNNIC urged APTLD to release the task force bulletin of “ Deployment of Multi-language Email Address Technology (EAI)”, which is another major move after it impelled the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) to support the deployment of multi-language email address technology.(APTLD bulletin is accessible:http://www.aptld.org/system/files/the_ad_hoc_task_force_communique_on_deployment_of_multi-language_email_address_technology_eai.pdf ) 

APTLD Introduction:
Established in July, 1998, Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD) is an organization consisting of more than 10 ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) registries and relevant technological and policy organizations in Asia Pacific region. Currently, it has more than 40 official members. APTLD is in charge of coordinating management policies and technical plan of each ccTLD; elevating the influence of the Asia Pacific in the international Internet industry, especially in ICANN; acting in the best interest of the Internet community in Asia Pacific and enhancing the healthy development of the Internet in this region. 

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