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Environment for the Application of Chinese Domain Names Improved Comprehensively during the 12th Five-year Plan Period
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CNNIC has recently released 10 Highlights in Internet Development in China during the 12th Five-year Plan Period. According to it, “the basic network environment has been improved comprehensively… top-level Chinese domain names have been incorporated into the root domain name system with global resolution achieved; the total number of websites registered 3.57 million, up by 86.9%.” The rapid development of Chinese domain names can be attributed to the comprehensive improvement of the application environment in the past years. 

On November 13, after two months of technical development and coordinated debugging, Weibo displayed hyperlinks with major Chinese domain names (.中国, .公司, and .网络) the same as those with English domain names and fully recognized Chinese domain names on both PCs and mobile clients. When a Chinese domain name appears in a Weibo post or is typed in by a user, it will turn into a special hyperlink format automatically, and thus Weibo publishers and readers can visit the targeted website conveniently. The release of this innovative application was strongly supported by webmasters of websites with Chinese domain names, as well as public relations and advertising professionals. 

Since June 25, 2010 when the domain name .中国 was formally incorporated into the root domain name system, Internet companies in various fields such as input method, browser, multilingual email, and search engine have made great efforts to develop and promote applications environment for Chinese domain names. The goal is to make Chinese domain names not only concise and easy to remember, but also as user-friendly as other domain names. Such efforts have strongly propelled the development of Chinese domain names. Today, more companies are turning away from protective domain name registration and started to use and promote their Chinese domain names on a large scale. 

In September 2015, Guilong Pharmaceutical launched its two Chinese domain names, 桂龙药业.中国 and 慢严舒柠.中国 together with marketing campaigns on TV and on the Internet. According to Guilong’s marketing director Yin Zhaomu, domain names that are exactly the same as the company name and product name will make it easier for people to remember the brand name and this is why Guilong launched .中国 domain names.

The comprehensive improvement of the application environment of Chinese domain names can be largely attributed to the growth of China’s overall strength on the Internet and to the growing cultural identity of Chinese people. Gao Lulin, Deputy Director of Internet Society of China (ISC), called upon more Chinese Internet companies to join the effort of improving the application environment of Chinese domain names. “In order to improve the application environment of top-level Chinese domain names, we hope companies that provide services such as search engine, browser, and instant messenging tools can speed up their effort to support for Chinese domain names so as to meet strategic needs of the country and the specific needs of the people.” Gao said. 

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