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Baidu’s New Top-level Domain Name .baidu Transferred to CNNIC
2015/12/02 16:59author:
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Baidu has recently transferred its .baidu domain name to CNNIC for operation. This has been the first new general top-level domain name transferred successfully. 

According to the chief of Baidu’s DNS project, by transferring the backend hosting operation of .baidu into China, the project will see a significant increase in its overall efficiency. Baidu commissioned ENAME to help apply for “.baidu” in 2012. After its operation platform is fully moved into CNNIC, further delegation work will start. CNNIC is the institution that operates and manages country-level top domain names. It has rich experience and offers hosting services that complies with both ICANN standards and the technical and policy requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Due to the support from CNNIC, Baidu acquired approval for its technical backend hosting transfer plan from ICANN in only two weeks without difficulty. We believe CNNIC to be one of the best choices for hosting a top-level domain name. ”

CNNIC developed a global operation and maintenance platform for the new top-level domain name. It consists of three centers located in two different places, equips with a sound safety management system, and stands in an international leading level. The platform provides business support systems for both registries and registrars and the services offered cover all aspects of domain operation management. Thus it provides an all-round service system for its partners.

So far, CNNIC hosts .公司, .网络, .广东, .佛山 and other new top-level domain names and its rich technical experience serves as sound support for the implementation of all technical plans. The successful transfer of .baidu now lays the foundation for the operation and service provision of more top-level domain names in China. 

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