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National Engineering Lab for Naming and Addressing Launches China’s First RPKI Pilot Service Platform
2015/12/29 10:27author:
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  The National Engineering Lab for Naming and Addressing has recently launched China’s first pilot service platform for Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). Aimed at advancing the deployment and application of RPKI technology, it is China’s first pilot platform delivering RPKI service to internet service providers (ISP) and other IP address operators. Relevant entities can now connect to the Lab’s RPKI system via the platform (http://6pilot.cn). Their IP addresses may be child nodes of CNNIC. CNNIC will provide number resources and grant resource certificates to secure the internet number resource of relevant entities. 

  RPKI is a technical system established by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to secure the authenticity of the distribution information of internet number resources such as IP addresses and AS numbers, and is another internet infrastructure security mechanism advanced by the internet community following the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). 

  Internationally, internet companies have started to explore and study the new opportunities brought by RPKI technology. BBN developed the BBN Relying Party software and conducted related experiments as part of its security mechanism research; Cisco and Juniper announced that their routing devices would support RPKI-based route authentication, and launched relevant products; internet infrastructure service providers such as VeriSign have also tried out the new business model brought by RPKI. 

  In China, with the advance of RPKI technology, a growing number of research institutes and enterprises have been engaged in the R&D and deployment of related technology. In early 2014, CNNIC founded the National Engineering Lab for Naming and Addressing and set up a RPKI research team. According to team leader Yan Zhiwei, in recent years, the RPKI team has been promoting the formulation RPKI standards (five in progress) through China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), been working with IETF on two draft standards, and released the RPKI Test Environment Construction White Paper to help institutes and professionals engaged in RPKI research with the construction of the test environment, laying a solid foundation for the research and development of key RPKI technologies. 

  About the National Engineering Lab for Naming and Addressing: 
  On January 25, 2014, the National Engineering Lab for Naming and Addressing was founded in Beijing. Established with the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission and on the initiative of CNNIC, the Lab aims to accelerate explorations into the network information security mechanism and promote the sound development of the internet industry by conducting research on naming and addressing technology. 

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