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China Internet Museum Debuts at World Internet Conference
2015/12/29 10:33author:
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  On the morning of December 15, 2015, the inauguration ceremony of China Internet Museum was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, with the Phase-1 digital gallery launched, It was part of the opening ceremony of the Light of the Internet Exposition of the 2nd World Internet Conference (WIC). Lu Wei, Director of the State Internet Information Office and Xia Baolong, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province unveiled China Internet Museum. Zhuang Rongwen, Deputy Director of the State Internet Information Office, and Li Qiang, Governor of Zhejiang Province also attended the ceremony. 

  China Internet Museum is China’s first public digital museum themed on the Internet. Under the guidance of the State Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Museum was built by CNNIC and the Internet Society of China (ISC) together with the CAS Computer Network Information Center (CNIC). The inauguration ceremony was witnessed by Li Xiaodong, Director of CNNIC, Wei Zhengxin, Party Secretary of CNNIC, Gao Xinmin, Vice President of ISC; Qian Hualin, member of the Museum’s Expert Committee, CAS researcher, and inductee of the Internet Hall of Fame, along with Xian Baoping, Chief Engineer of CNIC. 

  China Internet Museum was designed to show the achievements of China’s internet industry and record the history of the world internet industry. “We strive to record, in a true and selective manner, all respects of China’s internet industry, and make the Museum an important window connecting the Chinese and the international internet community”, said CNNIC Director Li Xiaodong. “The Museum acts as a faithful chronicler of the internet’s development, a depository for collecting and displaying internet knowledge, a disseminator of the internet culture and the spirits of openness and sharing, as well as a refiner and promoter of internet innovations. We hope China Internet Museum can witness and record China’s road from a big country to a powerful country in internet”, he said. 

  According to Li Hongtao, Deputy Chief Engineer of CNNIC, visitor can access the first-phase digital gallery, themed “History”, by visiting the Museum’s official website (www.internet.cn, or 互联网博物馆.中国) or downloading the app on mobile devices. 

  As to the future plan for the Museum, Li Xiaodong introduced that new galleries will be built successively, the collections will be enriched, and the themes will include outstanding figures, enterprises and technology. The Museum will not only display the development of the internet itself, but also its integration with other industries. He emphasized that in the future, a physical museum will also be built, which, along with the virtual one, will become a cultural and exhibition complex featuring online-offline interactions and combining the virtual space with the reality. 

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