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Dr. LI Xiaodong Invited to Join the Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum
2013/07/10 16:18author:
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Upon the invitation of Professor Klaus Schwab, Funder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, LI Xiaodong, CEO of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), joined the Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum by undertaking the task of “Future of the Internet”. He was also invited to take part in the Summit on Global Agenda 2013. There are 17 members in the “Future of the Internet” council, including Hamadoun I. Toure, Secretary of International Telecommunication Union, Lynn St. Amour, Chairman and CEO of Internet Society, Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Harvard University, Jun Murai, Professor of Keio University, Sadie Creese, Professor of Oxford University, and so on. The council will pay close attention to the opportunities and risks under the circumstance of discussing with Internet stakeholders about different Internet governance models. The previous discussions involved the Internet security, the Internet governance, the development trends of Internet (Internet of Things, Big Data, etc.), and the new economic models and so on.

The World Economic Forum is a non-official international foundation, committed to conducting research and discussions on global economic issues and promoting international economic cooperation and communication. The headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Its predecessor was founded in 1971 as the "European Management Forum" by Klaus Schwab, current Chairman of the Forum and professor at the University of Geneva, the foundation changed its name to the World Economic Forum in 1987. Its membership consists of over 1,000 world's top companies, which are "committed to improving the State of the World" and play a leading role in shaping the future of the global economic development. Since the annual meeting of the Forum is convened in Davos, Switzerland, the Forum is also called “Davos Forum”. Dr. LI Xiaodong has been invited to take part in the Summer Davos, which will take place in Dalian this year.

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