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CNNIC Succeeded in Organizing the Multilingual Email Deployment Session during APEC TEL 48
2013/10/09 15:16author:
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Between September 16 and September 21, 2013, the No.48 conference of the Telecommunications and Information Working Group of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC TEL 48) was held in Hawaii, USA. The conference was organized by the United States Department of State, and the APEC-funded multilingual email deployment session was organized by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on behalf of China. Ten experts from China, Russia, Canada, Thailand and Malaysia made keynote speeches and reports at the session. Huang Xiangyang, the director of CNNIC, voiced CNNIC’s support via video to the project and the session.

APEC attached great importance to the multilingual email deployment session, and Noor Sulyna Abdullah, the Chairwoman of APEC TEL conference, came all the way to participate in the session and made a concluding remark. She considered that the multilingual email project had higher operability and would surely bring benefits to the Internet users of the APEC region. Scott Smith, the head of American delegation, said that he was very happy to see that the session had made a success, and was very glad to see that China, as the leader of the multilingual email deployment project, had made great efforts. Andrey Mukhanov, the head of the Russian delegation, indicated that the multilingual email project was very important to Russia, and Russia would propel the project together with China. At the session, representatives from several international organizations and economic entities expressed their support to the project and hoped to participate in the follow-up activities.

The president of APEC TEL was making a speech

The expert of CNNIC was presiding over the session and introducing the multilingual email project to the participants.

The Representative from South Korea was asking questions about the future plan on the multilingual email deployment project.

The experts from COREMAIL, a top-notch email vendor of China, shared their experience in multilingual email technical implementation. COREMAIL is the world’s first email business company that supports IETF multilingual email technical standard. It has been revealed that COREMAIL is making adjustment together with leading email service providers of China and is expected to provide the public with Chinese mailbox services that are available for free registration. The technical experts from Thailand Network Center shared the information on promotion and application of multilingual emails and relevant multilingual domain name (IDN) in Thailand, and said that the premier of Thailand attached great importance to multilingual domain names and their relevant emails, and had participated in relevant promotion activities in person.

The expert of COREMAIL was introducing technical implementation and deployment of multilingual emails

APEC multilingual email deployment project of CNNIC is greatly supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2014, under the framework of APEC, China will host a multilingual email technical deployment conference, inviting vendor representatives, technical experts and Internet users related to multilingual email at APEC region. CNNIC welcomes email service vendors that are interested in participating the conference and individual experts who are willing to share their experience both at home and abroad to contact us in advance via yaojk@cnnic.cn

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