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CNNIC Vice-Director Jin Jian: Big DNS Boosts Internet Innovation
2013/12/06 09:32author:
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On December 5, 2013, the first Global Internet Technology Conference (GITC) was held at the National Convention Centre. Jin Jian, vice director and deputy chief engineer of China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Big DNS”. He talked about the current development trend of the Internet as well as the opportunities and challenges for the Domain Name System (DNS) under the new situation. Jin enumerated the changes that DNS has brought to the Internet in various aspects and proposed the idea of improving end-user experience by enhancing DNS data processing capability.

With rapid global development of the Internet since 1990s, a variety of Internet applications have penetrated into every aspect of social life such as economy, culture, etc. While triggering great changes in the production mode and lifestyle of mankind, Internet itself is experiencing a new round of development. Driven by constant development of applications and technological innovations, Internet-related basic resources are confronted with a new situation: as Ipv4 addresses have almost been used up, a transition to the Ipv6-based next-generation Internet has become a consensus; the New Generic Top-level Domain (New gTLD) Plan has been implemented, bringing domains to an individualized age; as DNS entry shows its value, competitors keep rushing into the filed and new products keep entering the market; attacks against DNS occur more frequently and on a larger scale; and with accelerated implementation of DNSSec, means of both attack and defense are being upgraded constantly, and DNS security has become the new hot spot of Internet security.

With the fast development of Internet technologies and application, Internet-related basic resources represented by domains and IP addresses are facing huge opportunities and challenges. The DNS system and data that make full use of various domain applications and basic Internet communication services can not only enhance the stability of DNS services and Internet operation but also improve all sorts of on-line products and services, creating better product and user experience.

For years, CNNIC has been engaged in developing safer and more stable basic DNS services and providing the industry with comprehensive technical DNS solutions. Considering the current development status of the Internet, the evolution to the next-generation Internet and the fact that DNS will continue to play an important role in various fields in the future, CNNIC has put forward the concept of “Big DNS”, appealing to the industry to lay stress on DNS management so as to improve network environment and service capability.


“Big DNS”, i.e. the DNS of a new era, must not only respond to the new requirements posed by new changes in Internet application, Internet technology, and Internet-related basic resources, but also support the development and innovative applications of the next-generation Internet by making full use of the tools and means brought about by these new changes.


With continuous implementation of the New gTLD Plan launched by ICANN, Types ofTLD and brand-new application forms require DNS to be more open and safer. CNNIC has carried out active and effective explorations in boosting the transition to IPv6, developing new gTLD business, and enriching DNS anti-attack products, and appealed to the industry to make contributions to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of Internet-related basic resources and the whole Internet.

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