CNNIC released “Social Responsibility Report 2012”
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In January 2013, CNNIC released “Social Responsibility Report 2012”, completing the social responsibility system (SRS) of CNNIC. Specifically, by dwelling on the concept of social responsibility (CSR) of CNNIC based on the responsibility topics of social responsibility (SR) stakeholders, it has subdivided the SRS into ten items from the perspectives of public social responsibility and specific social responsibility. Public social responsibility with its five aspects, namely, Security and reliability of network fundamental resources, Health and harmony of network environment, Application-oriented scientific research and innovations, Conscientious research and professional consulting service, Open and cooperative international exchange, explains the public social responsibilities that CNNIC assumes to all the SR stakeholders. Specific social responsibility with its five aspects, namely, Win-win development through industrial cooperation, User service of premium quality and high efficiency, Work-family balance for employees, Community participation in good faith and solicitude, Low-carbon and green environment management, elaborates the specific responsibilities that CNNIC assumes to different SR stakeholders. Therefore, a clearly-structured CSR system has been formed based on more comprehensively and vividly drawn outlines of a complete picture of CNNIC’s SR work.

“The Report” has referred to “Guidelines for the Preparation of China Corporate Social Responsibility Report(CASS-CSR2.0)” and “International Standard of Social Responsibility ISO26000”, and has been reviewed by the Research Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

With the hope to build a window through “the Report” to communicate with all parties, CNNIC welcome readers to provide valuable comments and suggestions on the SR work of CNNIC in the following ways:

2012 Social Responsibility Report for CNNIC
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