CNNIC Executive Director Li Xiaodong Attended the 2nd China-ROK Internet Roundtable
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The second China-ROK Internet Roundtable was held in Seoul, Korea on 10 December 2013. The conference, with “Internet development and security” as the theme, was attended by nearly 100 representatives from the two countries’ government departments, industry organizations, renowned Internet enterprises and academic institutions. Dialogues and exchanges were conducted on such topics as Internet development, security and personal information protection, international cooperation, etc. At the invitation of the National Internet Information Office, Researcher and CNNIC Executive Director Li Xiaodong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. 

Xiaodong Lee reported the main work of CNNIC and expressed his opinions on the management of Internet-based resources, Internet security and Internet governance. In his opinion, the core value of the Internet is that it reduces information asymmetry and promotes information dissemination in both temporal and spatial dimensions, and therefore, rapid development of the Internet has fundamentally affected the social governance structure and accelerated economic development and cultural prosperity. 

As pointed out by Li, current development of the Internet is faced with major challenges in the following three fields: the next-generation Internet; management of Internet-based resources; and Internet governance. Firstly, IPv4 addresses are being used up, an all-round transition to the IPv6-based next-generation Internet is imminent and the huge volume of IPv6 addresses will pose a grave challenge to the effective management and safe operation of the Internet. Secondly, with the opening of new gTLDs, potential security risks and IP protection will bring new challenges to Internet management. Thirdly, there are quite a lot of problems with current Internet governance and the digital gap between developed and developing nations is widening and hard to narrow. 

Li gives a comprehensive introduction to the work CNNIC has done in its effort to address these challenges and promote Internet development in China. First, in response to the state’s Next-generation Internet Program, CNNIC has been working hard to push ahead the transition to the next-generation Internet. It has established CNNIC–Cisco Addressing Research Lab, opened the IPv6 testing and validation platform and launched an IPv6 address rapid application plan. Second, in accordance with the forthcoming new version of Measures for the Administration of Internet Domain Names of China, CNNIC has opened a “national domain global services platform” and set up a “National Domain Security Center”, to provide domestic users with operation escrow, real-name verification, data hosting, trademark protection, anti-phishing, domain security and other services. At the same time CNNIC has been active in organizing or participating in the activities of related international organizations including ICANN and has helped ICANN to establish its first international cooperation center, ICANN Beijing Engagement Center. Third, in response to the challenges in the field of Internet governance CNNIC has founded an Internet Governance Research Center to carry out in-depth studies of a series of core issues in this field. Mr. Li also says that CNNIC has been approved to build a national engineering laboratory, the only one in the field of Internet-based resources management in China. In the above fields, the Chinese and Korean sides will further strengthen cooperation and exchange to jointly improve the world’s Internet governance structure. 

Li called on the international community to enhance collaboration and dialogue in the management of Internet-based resources, make such management fairer and more transparent, make the Internet governance framework better adapted to the national circumstances of all countries and more conducive to sustainable development, and build a symbiotic and harmonious environment for Internet development so as to promote economic social progress.

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