CNNIC Held Delivery Ceremony of ISOC Community Grants Programme
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On the morning of May 24th, 2013, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held the delivery ceremony of Internet Society (ISOC) Community Grants Programme – “Improving Teaching Level of Beijing Daxing District Chengxin School with the help of Internet”. This is the first such project that ISOC granted in Chinese Mainland.

About 20 volunteers from CNNIC, under the leadership of CHEN Hao, Deputy Director of Computer Network Information Center(CNIC), and LIU Bing, Deputy Director of CNNIC, participated in the delivery ceremony. Director CHEN and Director LIU addressed the ceremony and pointed out that CNNIC proactively boosted the development of the project with its technological advantages during the whole process from the application for the project in August 2012 and the approval of the project in November 2012, and after half a year’s hard working, the project is now successfully completed. It’s really a good thing. The application and implementation of the ISOC project has provided a new method for CNNIC to express its charity and public interest spirit in the age of Internet. The successful implementation of ISOC project has well expressed CNNIC’s social responsibility of “serving the public interest of the community” and enhanced its profile and influence in the international Internet society.

In the ceremony, Director CHEN, Director LIU, leaders and representatives of the school had a video chat with the project leader of ISOC in the multi-media classroom accessible to the Internet sponsored by the ISOC project and the corresponding financial aid from CNNIC. Dr. SHEN Shuo, who is in charge of the project, reported the development and achievements of the project to the project leaders of ISOC regarding school’s accessing to the Internet through optical fibers, construction of the multi-media classroom, subsidizing the Internet access fee for the school, training of the computer and Internet basic knowledge for the teachers, donation of computer and Internet books to the school, etc.. The project leaders of ISOC expressed their congratulations on the successful implementation and delivery of the project, and their gratefulness for the efforts that CNNIC has made. They said that ISOC will continue to support CNNIC to carry out such public interest activities in the future.

In the ceremony, Beijing Daxing District Chengxin School rewarded a banner to ISOC – “Cross Oceans, Grant Community Programme; Devote Kindness, Reflect Public Interest”, and rewarded a banner to CNNIC – “Take Advantage of Network Technology Expertise; Devote to Social Public Interest”, to express their appreciation for ISOC and CNNIC.
In accord with the delivery, CNNIC volunteers hosted two lectures, “Internet Auditorium” and “Internet Security Enters Schools”, for the students in higher grades in the school. In a lively atmosphere, the students actively participated in the lectures and interacted with the volunteers.

In the ceremony, Director CHEN and Director LIU donated more stationery and books to the school on behalf of CNNIC staff and expressed their greetings to the schoolchildren for the upcoming International Children’s Day on June 1st.

Multi-media Classroom

“Cross Oceans, Grant Community Programme; Devote Kindness, Reflect Public Interest”
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