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Arbor Networks Reports Massive Surge in Large DDoS Attacks
2013/10/18 11:17author:
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  According to Arbor Networks, this year has already seen a more than 350 percent increase in the number of DDoS attacks monitored at over 20 Gbps, compared to the whole of 2012.
  And in general, Arbor Networks says, DDoS attack sizes are increasing rapidly. 54 percent of attacks this year are over 1 Gbps, up from 33 percent in 2012; 37 percent of attacks this year are in the 2-10 Gbps range, up from 15 percent last year; and the average DDoS attack in 2013 thus far stands at 2.64 Gbps, up 78 percent from 2012.
  The data comes from Arbor's ATLAS Active Threat Level Analysis System, a collaborative effort with more than 275 service providers. "As more service provider customers participate, we gain even more visibility into what is going on out there," Arbor Networks solutions architect Darren Anstee said in a statement.
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