Release of PowerDNS Authoritative Server 3.3.1
2013/12/17 14:27author:
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 This is a bugfix and performance update to 3.5.2. It brings serious performance improvements for dual stack users.

Changes since 3.5.2:

 1)3.5 replaced our ANY query with A+AAAA for users with IPv6 enabled. Extensive measurements by Darren Gamble showed that this change had a non-trivial performance impact. We now do the ANY query like before, but fall back to the individual A+AAAA queries when necessary. Change in commit 1147a8b.

 2)The IPv6 address for was added in commit 66cf384, thanks Ralf van der Enden.

 3)We now drop packets with a non-zero opcode (i.e. special packets like DNS UPDATE) earlier on. If the experimental pdns-distributes-queries flag is enabled, this fix avoids a crash. Normal setups were never susceptible to this crash. Code in commit 35bc40d, closes ticket 945.

 4)TXT handling was somewhat improved in commit 4b57460, closing ticket 795.

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