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IPv6 for mobile operators at LTE Asia 2013
2013/09/17 14:42author:
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  LTE Asia 2013 is taking a place in Singapore from 17 to 19 September 2013. LTE Asia is one of the largest industry conferences on Lon gTerm Evolution (LTE) networks, and it attracts major mobile network operators and vendors across the AP region. The organizers expect more than 1,000 participants, and more than 50% of them will be decision makers of organizations.
Learn from others' deployment experiences
  APNIC is focused on raising awareness about deploying IPv6, as one of the most important issues related to IPv4 exhaustion for mobile network operators deploying LTE networks. APNIC will attend LTE Asia 2013 along with T-Mobile USA to talk to mobile operators about IPv6 deployment. APNIC’s Member Services Manager, George Kuo, will be in Singapore to meet key decision makers within the Asia Pacific mobile network industry.
  LTE network deployments are increasing globally, and they are starting to provide inclusive IP based services for voice, video, messaging, and data. The increased mobile device usage has inflated the demand for IP addresses, which will significantly increase the costs and scalability issues associated with mobile broadband network services. IPv6 provides a long-term, scalable solution with fewer operational and maintenance issues than IPv4 networks deployed in NAT (Network Address Translation) environments. The deployment of Large Scale NAT, or LSN, also known as Carrier Grade Nat (CGN), without having a plan for IPv6 deployment will only extend the lifetime of the IPv4 addresses, and not solve the core issue of IPv4 address depletion.
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