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New partnership to support the internet domains for Wales
2013/12/09 14:19author:
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  Nominet is the not-for-profit company responsible for running the .uk domain name system. Next year, the company will be launching two new Welsh domains allowing people to register domain names ending in .cymru and .wales to demonstrate their Welsh identity, language and culture online.

 To support the launch of these domains, Nominet sought a contact centre partner to provide bilingual customer support. Gwynedd Council’s Galw Gwynedd service in Penrhyndeudraeth has been selected to provide this service under a three year contract. 

 Commenting on the new partnership, Jo Golley, Nominet’s Commercial Manager for .cymru and .wales said: “We are delighted to have found such a strong partner for this service in Galw Gwynedd. They are ideally placed to help us deliver on our commitments to run a fully bilingual service that provides ongoing economic benefit to Wales.

 When the Welsh Government endorsed our application, we promised to work toward ensuring .cymru and .wales provides economic benefit to the whole of Wales. Locating the call centre in Gwynedd demonstrates how we are meeting this objective.”

 The new service will be operational early next year. It will provide information and support via phone and email to people who wish to register a .cymru or .wales domain name. 

 The service will operate with dedicated staff, and technology from the Galw Gwynedd building in Penrhyndeudraeth. It is expected that there will be three new part-time posts for the length of the contract with two additional temporary posts during the launch period next year. 

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