Xiaodong Lee of CNNIC delivered a speech on Tribute to Fadi Chehade, long may the friendship live as old age Puer tea!
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19:00, 7 March of Morocco local time, there was a farewell party “Tribute to Fadi Chehade” who is outgoing President & CEO of ICANN, which was thrown by ICANN. Researcher Xiaodong Lee, Director of CNNIC, as the first Community representative of behalf of China, has delivered a speech and given gifts to Mr.Chehade. 


During the speech, Xiaodong Lee has memorized the deep friendship with Mr. Chehade, his nine trips to China, and close ties with Chinese Community. He also appreciated Mr. Chehade sincere spirits of advocating and promoting the internet governance model, and thanked Fade for making unremitting endeavor and remarkable contributions to promote the friendly relationship between ICANN and China as well as Chinese communities. Then, Xiaodong Lee presented Fade two precious gifts with good wishes. One was video tape which was initiated by CNNIC, co-recorded with Prof. Wu Hequan, director-general of Internet Society of ChinaJack Ma President of Board of Director, Alibaba Group as well as several other representatives of Chinese Community. The other one was Puer tea. “The friendship between Fadi and us is like the Puer tea, never fading as the time goes.”said by Xiaodong Lee. After the speech, Xiaodong warmly embraced with Fadi and presented him the gifts in person, which won prolonged applause.


Meanwhile, Xiaodong also expressed best wishes to attendees. He said, “Separation is always sorrow. But when I see “Next billion “on the screen, I feel that the future is quite fulfilled with hope. No matter where Fadi will be or where we will be, we are constructing the same dream, hand in hand to build a better future for the Internet.” 

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