ICANN 46 Meeting, 2013 Will Be Held in Beijing
2012/06/27 13:53author:
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The ongoing ICANN 44 meeting, Prague, Czech Republic announced on 25 June, 2012 that ICANN 46 meeting will be held in Beijing during 7-12 April, 2013, which will be co-sponsored by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China Organizational Name Administration Center (CONAC), and Internet Society of China (ISC). It’s the second time for ICANN to select Chinese mainland as the meeting place since CNNIC and ISC co-organized the ICANN 14 meeting, Shanghai in October, 2002. ICANN president said, the convocation indicates the further positive step under the background that Chinese Internet developed at full speed and ICANN keeps in touch with the Chinese Internet industry. ICANN board highly expects the convocation in Beijing.
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