CNNIC Released the 30th Statistical Report on Internet Development
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CNNIC released the 30th statistical report on Internet development (hereinafter referred to as “the report”) in Beijing on 19th July, 2012. “The report” shows that as of the end of June, 2012, Chinese netizens reached 538 million with the mobile netizens achieving to 388 million, thus mobile replaces the desktop computer to become the first priority for the Internet accessing instrument.


Netizen scale hit 538 million, growth rate slowed down in further
“The report” shows that the Internet penetration rate kept 39.9%, following the trend of slow growth rate since 2011. During the first half of 2012, the netizens increased 24.5 million with the penetration rate up by 1.6%.
Current netizen growth rate enters into a relatively stable period; the next-period penetration into Chinese Internet will transfer to the crowd with the low educational level and citizens in less developed areas. At present, with the prosperity of mobile Internet, cheap mobile price and the convenience to access Internet provide the chances to promote Internet among the less developed areas.


Mobile replaces the desktop computer to become the first priority for the Internet accessing instrument
“The report” shows that during half of 2012, the netizens accessing Internet through mobile phone amounted to 388 million. Compared with 380 million through the desktop computer, mobile has become the first priority for the Internet accessing instrument due to its lower price and convenience. Thus utilization rate of desktop computer as the traditional Internet accessing terminal declined gradually. Internet accessing method by Chinese netizens presents a brand-new pattern.


Mobile video users increased sharply while mobile blog users increased obviously
“The report” shows that as of the first half of 2012, there are over 100 million video users accessed by Internet, increased around 25 million. The percentage of mobile netizens among the whole netizens increased from 22.5% at the end of 2011 to 27.7%. Promoted by active video websites and ISPs, users have formed the habits to watch video online gradually.
Meanwhile, mobile blog users kept the rapid growth rate since 2011. As of the end of June, 2012, mobile blog penetration rate among netizens increased to 43.8%, up by 5.3%, which has become the first popular mobile application due to two following reasons: real-time and the media features and advantages for blog itself; and constantly improved client-port of mobile blog.


Substantial growth rate of IPv6 address, entering into the first top three in global range
Due to the exhausted global IPv4 resource, IPv4 address kept unchangeable since 2011. The common sense has been reached to speed up the application and deployment of IPv6. Chinese IPv6 increased sharply during the past year. As of the end of June, 2012, our IPv6 address reached 12499/32s, up by 33.0% compared with that of the end of last year. The global ranking upgraded to the third, only next to Brazil (65728/32s) and USA (18694/32s). The constant development of IPv6 address will further accelerate the construction progress of Chinese informatization to lay the solid foundation for the next-generation Internet.




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