CNNIC Measures about Domain Name Operation Fee
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Article 1 The Measures are formulated in accordance with China Internet Domain Name Regulations for the purpose of regulating and standardizing Domain Name Operation Fee.

Article 2 CNNIC is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the registry of “.CN”, “.China (.中国)”, “.公司”, “.网络”. CNNIC is responsible for operating and administrating corresponding domain name systems, formulating domain name registration policies, and supervising and inspecting the services provided by registrars.

Article 3 Registrars are responsible for approaching and auditing domain name registration applications, and undertaking registration of domain names in the domain name database of CNNIC.

Article 4 The applicants of domain names shall pay operation fees to the registrar on a regular basis. The registrars and the applicants shall determine the operation fee standards in accordance with market rules through negotiation.

Article 5 Registrars shall pay operation fees to CNNIC on a regular basis. The registrars and CNNIC shall determine the specific standards through negotiation.

Article 6 In the event of failure to pay promptly operation fees for the domain names, such domain names will be cancelled in accordance with CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration.

Article 7 The operation fees collected by CNNIC shall apply to the maintenance of domain name system and other purposes as stipulated by laws and regulations.

Article 8 Balance of payment of operation fees by CNNIC shall be abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and be subject to the supervision by competent departments.

Article 9 CNNIC reserves the right to interpret the Measures.

Article 10 The Measures come into force the day of its promulgation.

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