Fast Track to IPv6 Address Application
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To boost the development and popularity of Ipv6 network, APNIC has formulated a favorable policy and enacted it on February 9, 2011. The policy states that members of state-level Internet registries in the Asian-Pacific region (NIR) can apply an (/32) IPv6 address for each of their members free of charge, and the usage plan of such address is free of examination and verification by APNIC. In accordance with that policy, CNNIC introduced Program of Fast Access to IPv6 Application, that is, the Alliance Member of CNNIC IP Address Allocation Alliance can apply for promptly a portable IPv6 address free of charge via CNNIC, deploy IPv6 network and carry out applications and tests on IPv6.

Below is a fast application template. If the Alliance Member of IP Address Alliance are to apply for a (/32) IPv6 address free of charge, please fill in the template and e-mail it to


● Do you have IPv4 addresses now?

● Do you have IPv6 addresses now?

● Application quantity of IPv6 this time (/32 or /48)

● Company name (English):

● Company address (English):

● Account No. of managers:

● Account No. of technician:


1. Items that left unfilled in would use the registered information of the current IPv4 address in use by default
2. /32= 2 to the ninety-sixth power IPv6 addresses; /48= 2 to the eightieth power IPv6 addresses
3. /48 is generally used in IXP service at multihome and interchange point of Internet.

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