Interim Provisions on Administration of AS Number Allocation
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Chapter One: About AS Number

Autonomous System refers to a group of networks using unified internal routing protocol. If member organizations want to use Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) or OSI Inter-Domain Routing Protocol (IDRP), they can apply for AS Numbers. When an organization has a large network, or the network is about to develop into a large one, and at the same time it has multiple network accesses, we suggest that it build an Autonomous System which entails an AS number. If the network is in a small scale, or the size of the network is comparatively stable, and it has only one gateway, then static routing or other routing protocol can be applied. In this condition, there is no need for an AS Number. As to whether there is a need for an AS Number, please refer to RFC1930, or consult with experts.

Chapter Two: Requirements for Application of AS Number

The Applicant’s network shall have multiple network accesses
The Applicant shall fill in Application Form of AS Number discreetly.
The Applicant shall provide the agreement with regards to use of BGP by both parties signed with an ISP
The Applicant shall use the AS number applied to set a mutual BGP agreement with one ISP within one month, and to set mutual BGP agreements with two or more ISPs within three months.

Chapter Three: CNNIC Administration on AS Number

Prior to allocating an AS number, CNNIC shall register it in APNIC Whois database.
CNNIC has the right to withdraw the allocated AS number in the event that the applicant fails to use the AS Number within three months after receiving the number.

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