FAQ of IP Address Allocation Alliance Membership
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1. What organization is eligible to become a member of the Alliance?

A: Any enterprise or public institution that is legally established in China, has the qualification of a legal person and is in need of IP addresses may apply for IP addresses and other internet resources from CNNIC as stipulated in the membership regulations of the Alliance.

2. What are the advantages of applying for IP addresses from CNNIC?

A: Localized and all-Chinese environment;
Convenience, timeliness and high success rate;
Comparatively low price;
Convenient and fast follow-up service;.
We provide training for our members every year.

3. What is the minimum address block allocated by CNNIC to a first-time applicant?

A: CNNIC will allocate a minimum address quantity of /22(4C) to a first-time applicant, and those applying for address quantity of less than 4C can apply to local ISP.

4. Does CNNIC provide IP routing and broadcast?

A: CNNIC is a state internet resource registry and is not responsible for IP routing and broadcast. Please contact ISP for IP routing and broadcast after obtaining IP addresses from CNNIC.

5. What documents are required for the application for the membership of the Alliance?

A: 1) The applicant should fill out Application Form of Membership of IP Address Allocation Alliance and send it to confed@cnnic.net.cn.
2) The applicant should fax to CNNIC documents certifying its legal status (business license and business registration certificate, etc) and a stamped document that briefly describes its application contents.

6. How to sign allocation alliance agreement after CNNIC reviews and approves the application documents?

A: 1) After the application documents are reviewed and approved, CNNIC will send IP Address Allocation Alliance Agreement of CNNIC by email to the applicant. The applicant needs to print two copies of the Agreement and then send the stamped and signed copies back to CNNIC.
2) CNNIC will also stamp and sign the Agreements received and send one copy back to the applicant.

7. How does the applicant pay the application fees?

A: Please refer to Charging Policies of IP Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC.

8. When will the applicant become a member of the Alliance and be eligible to apply for IP addresses and AS Number?

A: The applicant will become a member of Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC and be eligible to apply for IP addresses and AS Number upon signing the Alliance Agreement with CNNIC and paying the application fees for the membership of the Alliance.

9. What organizations are eligible to apply for IPv4 addresses from Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC?

A: Only members of Allocation Alliance of CNNIC can apply for IPv4 addresses to Allocation Alliance of CNNIC, and non-members of Allocation Alliance need to join the Allocation Alliance of CNNIC before applying for IPv4 addresses from Allocation Alliance of CNNIC. Refer to How to Join the Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC for details.

10. What fees should a first-time applicant for IPv4 addresses pay?

A: 1) Account opening fee for the Alliance Member

The organization that applies for and is granted the membership of IP Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC for the first time is required to pay RMB 10,000 as account opening fee for the Alliance Member.

2) Annual use fee for IPv4 addresses:

CNNIC categorizes the Alliance Members into several levels according to the amounts of addresses they have applied for and charge them accordingly. Refer to Annual Use Fee for IP Addresses and AS Number (“Annual Fee”) for details.

11. When will the Alliance Member be able to use the applied IPv4 address?

A: After the documents submitted by the Alliance Member for first-time IPv4 Address Application are reviewed and approved and the member pays the annual use fee for IPv4 address, CNNIC will notify the member of the allocated IPv4 address which the member may use immediately.

12. What will CNNIC do about the member that does not pay the fees on time?

The Alliance Member can continue to use the address normally if they pay renewal fees within 1 month after the expiration date as stipulated in the agreement. Within the redemption grace period from the second month to the third month after the expiration date as stipulated in the agreement, the member needs to pay the following fees in order to redeem the address:

The fees to be paid during the redemption grace period: account opening fee of RMB 10,000 + supplementary payment of annual fees

Calculation of supplementary payment of annual fees: the annual fees charged between the address expiration date and the redemption grace date.

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