Process of Applying for the Alliance Membership
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Process of Applying for the Alliance Membership
The applicant reads Administrative Measures of CNNIC IP Address Allocation Alliance   Announcement:
Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC provides services as an alliance; therefore, you need to join the Alliance first if you want to access services provided by CNNIC. Refer to the diagram on the left for the detailed process.         
Telegraphic transfer (T.T)
Name of the organization Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Account No.: 0200049609200016431
Account opening bank: Operations Department, Haidian branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
The applicant evaluates its own qualification according to the interim administrative regulations for the Alliance Members of CNNIC
The applicant fills out Application Form of Membership of IP Address Allocation Alliance, Application Form of IPv4 Address or Application Form of AS Number and then sends the form(s) together with the scanned copy of its business license (or pictures) to
CNNIC evaluates the applicant’s qualification and give a reply by email or by phone
When the review is completed, CNNIC sends IP Address Allocation Alliance Membership Agreement and Instructions on Fees to the applying organization by email
The applying organization prints out the agreement in quadruplicate and sends all the stamped originals back to CNNIC
CNNIC stamps the originals upon the receipt thereof and sends two of the stamped agreements back to the applying
The applying organization pays relevant fees according to Administrative Measures of Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC and Instructions on Fees of Address Allocation Alliance of CNNIC
The applying organization becomes an Alliance Member after CNNIC confirms the receipt of remittance



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