IPv6 Application FAQs
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1. How is IPv6 charged?
Answer: There are two different charging standards in two different circumstances for IPv6
1) Only to apply for IPv6 address:
For the Member of CNNIC alliance that only apply for IPv6 address, only annual fees of different levels are charged in accordance with different amounts of IPv6 addresses in its possession.
2) To apply for both IPv4 address and IPv6 address:
For the Member of CNNIC alliance that apply both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, the amount of IPv4 address and the amount of IPv6 address are calculated separately, and the level of Membership is determined by the larger of the two. The annual fee is charged in accordance with different levels.

2. What is the size of IPv6 address that CNNIC can allocate to its members?
Answer: At present, CNNIC allocates IPv6 address of /32

3. What are the requirements for IPv6 address application?
1) An ISP, or an organization that provides Internet service
2) A CNNIC Alliance member
3) Not a terminal site.
4) It has made a plan to provide IPv6 connection and /48 address allocation for users, and to allocate IPv6 address via a single aggregated address
5) It has made a plan to provide /48 for at least 200 users in 2 years.

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