IPv4 Application FAQs
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1. Are only IPv4 addresses of 4C available for initial application?
Answer: The address to be applied for is subject to the Alliance Member’s network and actual demand. CNNIC allocates to the Alliance Member an IPv4 address no larger than /22 from April 15, 2011.

2. Is it necessary to return the IP addresses that have been obtained from other organizations?
Answer: To facilitate management and allocation of Internet resources, CNNIC (including the top-level administrative organization of Internet resources APNIC) requires the Alliance Member to obtain Internet resources, such as IP addresses and AS number, from the same organization. New Alliance Members who have obtained IP addresses from CNNIC shall undertake to replace the former IP addresses with the new one allocated by CNNIC within 12 months, and to return the former IP addresses to their administrative organizations. As is stipulated by APNIC policy, allocation of more than 4 IP addresses shall be registered on Whois database, and please make sure your former superordinate ISP has registered for you before the application to CNNIC

3. What should we do if the address can not be returned immediately?
Answer: You have to return the former IP addresses within 12 months. The Alliance Member could complete replacement of IP addresses within 12 months after obtaining an IP addresses from CNNIC.

4. How long will the network plan in both Chinese and English cover?
Answer: When the Alliance Member applies for an IPv4 address, CNNIC would require them to provide a 12-month network plan.

5. How to submit prepared materials to CNNIC?
Answer: Please send via e-mail all materials, including qualification materials testifying to Alliance Membership and other relevant certification documents, topological graph and forms. The e-mail address is confed@cnnic.cn.

6. How to accelerate approval?
Answer: CNNIC adopts “Over-night Response System” which is to reply the Alliance Member no later than the next day after applying. If the Alliance Member does not receive our reply within 2 days, please call 010-58813000 (transfer to “IP team”).

7. What kind of leased line subscriber needs to register?
Answer: According to APNIC’s policy, any Alliance Member who allocates more than 4 IP addresses to one client, the Alliance Member shall register for the client in CNNIC database.

8. What are the requirements for the details of network topological graph?
Answer: Network Topological Graph, Network Plan and List of Equipment are significant indices for evaluation of network capacity. When submitting materials, the Alliance Member should at least mark main routers, and type and quantity of exchange equipment in the topological graph. As for multi-level network, the Alliance Member should provide the topological structure of the whole network as well as that of each level. The type of network equipment should be labeled on the graph and correspond with the List of Equipment.

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