Introduction to Chinese domain name registration service system
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In line with the provisions of China Internet Domain Name Regulations, CNNIC as the registry of Chinese domain name, no longer directly meet the end users to provide Chinese domain name registration service. Domain name registration service is provided by registrars accredited by CNNIC. The diagram of registrar management system is as follows:


CNNIC, as the Chinese domain name registry responsible for the operation and administration of Chinese domain name system, and maintenance of central database. The main responsibilities are to:

A: operate, maintain and administer Chinese domain name server and relevant materials, and ensure effective operation of Chinese domain name system;
B: accredit Chinese domain name registrars to provide Chinese domain name registration service.


Registrars: Registrars shall process registration applications adhering to the principles of fairness and “first registration for first application”. The Chinese domain name registration shall be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the Regulations. The Chinese domain name registrars are subject to the accreditation by CNNIC.


Registration Agency: It is responsible for considering domain name registration application within the authorized range by registrars.

About Chinese domain name registration, change, transfer, and renewal, please consult registrars. For domain name information, please take CNNIC database as final.

Agencies: Agencies are responsible for approaching domain name registration applications within the range of accreditation by registrars.

Please consult registrars about registration, change, transfer, and renewal of Chinese domain name. The information of domain name shall be subject to CNNIC database.


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