Registration Regulations on Privileged Registration and Privileged Upgrade of “”Domain Name
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I. Protection of Reserved Words

In accordance with the Measures for the Administration of Internet Domain Names of China, CNNIC provides necessary protection for some reserved words for the national and public interests. The reserved words of “” domain names correspond with those of CN domain names. Within the period of privileged registration and privileged upgrade, application for the aforesaid reserved words shall not be accepted. Upon the official initiation of registration, the application for registration of the reserved words shall follow the Regulations on Registration of Reserved Words.


II. Privileged Registration

The period for privileged registration is set up prior to the official initiation of registration of “” domain name. Trademark proprietors are entitled to assert and exercise civil rights, and have privileges in application for registration.

Period for privileged registration is from 0:00 of September 16, 2012 to 24:00 of October 14, 2012.

1. Scope of privileged registration

1) Trademarks consisting of Chinese characters, which are approved by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, or by the trademark authorities of other countries or regions, and are still within the term of validity. The “.中国” domain names named in trademark characters or Pinyin of the trademark characters.

2) The trademarks that consist of Chinese characters only, English letters only or numbers only are qualified to apply for privileged registration. Trademarks that bear pictures, combination of words and pictures or other non-word elements are excluded from privileged registration.

2. Regulations on Privileged Registration

1) Trademark proprietors may submit their applications to registrars online, including information such as domain name, registrant, the term of registration and so on. Written certification documents(copy or scanned copy) shall also be submitted, including:

Ø documents of registrant certification (individual or organization/enterprise users)
Ø Documents of trademark certification
Ø Users that are not from Mainland China shall provide the screenshot of pertinent trademark information from the trademark authorities of the corresponding countries or regions along with the aforesaid trademark certification documents.

A. The types of identification certification documents are the same as required for information examination and verification.
B. Relevant materials shall be submitted in JPG form.
C. The above materials shall be submitted before 24: 00 of October 14, 2012.

Within the period for privileged registration, the domain name, information of the registrant as well as the related materials that have already been submitted cannot be changed after the online application is submitted. A re-application shall be submitted for any change of the aforesaid information and the time of re-application shall be taken as the application time.

2) In the event that the proprietors of the same trademark all provide eligible applications for privileged registration, the one that submitted the application for the domain name registration at the earliest time will be granted the applied domain name. The time that the database of CNNIC receives the online application shall be taken as the time of application. In the event of any conflict between the application for privileged registration and the reserved words, the application will fail.

3. Naming Rules of Domain Names for Privileged Registration

If a trademark consists of Chinese characters (register with their spelling) only, English letters only, numbers only, or of their combination, the registrant may apply for the registration of a domain name with the exactly same words as combined in the trademark, but is not qualified for privileged registration of the words that are part of the trademark.

For example, a registrant holding the trademark right of “花朵123” may apply for the registration of “” and “” instead of “” and “”.

1. Trademarks in Mainland China shall be subject to the results of trademark query and verification by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Trademarks outside Mainland China shall be subject to the query results made public by the trademark authorities of the corresponding regions and countries.
2. The expiration date of the exclusive right of trademarks in Mainland China shall not be earlier than April 29, 2012.
3. When a polyphone is included in a trademark, the character can be registered in any of its pronunciations.
4. Graphic trademarks and trademarks that consist of combinations of graphics and characters, letters and numbers, are not qualified for privileged registration.
5. Registrants and trademark holders shall be the same natural persons or organizations. No authorization is allowed.


III. Privileged Upgrade

To protect the interests of .CN domain name registrants, a period for privileged upgrade is reserved prior to the official application for registration of “English/” domain name so as to avail the registrant of English .CN domain name of privileged update registration of “English/” domain name.

The period for privileged upgrade is between 0:00 of October 15, 2012 and 24:00 of October 23, 2012.

1. Scope of Privileged Upgrade

1) .CN English domain names that have passed the real name verification, including .CN secondary-level domain names, generic domain names and administrative region domain names.

2) Domain names that are not involved in arbitration or legal dispute.

2 Rules for Privileged Upgrade

1) Registrants of .CN domain names can apply for privileged upgrade via their corresponding domain name registrars. The registration information of “.中国” shall be the same as that of the English .CN domain name.

2) When more than one .CN domain name registrants all provide eligible privileged upgrade application for the same word(s), the earliest one that submit domain name application is considered successful for registration of the domain name. The time of application shall be the time that CNNIC database receives online application.

In the event of any conflict between the application for privileged upgrade and the reserved words, the application for privileged upgrade will fail.


IV. Registration Term

With a view to ensuring the healthy and stable development of “English/” domain names within a certain period, preventing malicious speculations in the period of privileged upgrade, minimizing rush registration in a short term upon the expiration of domain names registered in the privileged registration period, and guaranteeing the conformity of the registration term of the domain name and that of the server certificate acquired by the user free of charge, a minimum registration term of 3 years shall be imposed upon the domain names that are applied within the period of privileged registration and privileged upgrade according to international practices.


V. Public Notice Period

Results of privileged registration and upgrade will be announced publicly on CNNIC website between October 25, 2012 and October 28, 2012.

VI. Initiation of Registration

At zero o’clock of October 29, 2012, the “English/” domain name will be available for registration. The Registry will process the applications for registration with the principle of “first-in, first-served”.

Any organization or individual may make a complaint to dispute resolution organs in accordance with CNNIC Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy in the event of any violation of the legal rights thereof by the domain names registered by other parties.

VII. Consultation Period for Privileged Register and Upgrade

The deadline of CNNIC for accepting final users’ consultation is as of November 29, 2012. Contact details are as follows:


Tel: 010-58813000 (7×24 hours)
Fax: 010-58812666

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