CNNIC Sends the World’s First Email with “Internationalized Email Address”
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Prof. Qian Hualin from Computer Network Information Center(CNIC), Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) sent the world’s first Email with Internationalized Email Address 钱华林@中科院.中国 to the internet experts on June 19, 2012.


The internet experts including Internet Society of China, China Communications Standards Association highly appreciated the significance of interconnection with Internationalized Email Address, which helps connection between non-English countries and the global Internet.


For historical reason, most of Internet applications only choose English as the unique language, which causes some linguistic obstacles for non-English speaking countries. So those countries are always dedicated to non-English language Internet applications. Since the birth of Internet, each country devoted itself to the mother-language typing and displaying system. Afterwards, the great development of global internationalized domain name promoted the discourse right of Internet from applications to the Internet standards.


As the earliest and most popular fundamental application, Email with multi-language processes profound significance. And its’ upgrade and update requires extremely high technical level. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) took the lead to publish the core international standards of Email with Internationalized Email Address—SMTP Extension for Internationalized Email (RFC6531), which was issued by IETF on Feb. 18, 2012. Issue of the standard embodies the technical capability and influence power of China in the international Internet field. RFC6531 is the fourth IETF RFCs published by CNNIC following RFC3743, RFC4713, and RFC5336 in the field of domain name internationalization. Based on Internet standard work, CNNIC launched the research for several years and set up the strategic partnership with the Chinese top Email service provider— Coremail to take the interconnection test among multi-organization so as to mature the solution of Email with Internationalized Email Address.


With the Email service providers’ actively involving, the era of internationalized Email address is coming soon.


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