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FAQ about CDNS
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1. How to apply for national CDNS service?
 If you expect to experience the function of Cloud DNS, you could log in the following platforms so as to apply for Cloud DNS, namely, http://www.cdns.cn or http://space.cnnic.cn of CNNIC User Center.

2. Is there a limit of the recorded quantity of resolution imposed on Cloud DNS of country code domain names?
 In the current phase, a quantity limit is imposed on neither the domain names of invited users nor the recorded quantity of resolution.

3. Will the Cloud DNS of country code domain names be exempted from charge forever?

4. How strong is the security of the platform?
  Relying upon the country code top level domain platform of CNNIC, the resolution platform of Cloud DNS of country code domain names is in possession with numerous distributed nodes around  the world. Its independently developed software for domain name resolution boasting of high availability in combination with 14-year-long experiences in terms of DNS operation are fully capable   of ensuring the security of Cloud DNS platform of country code domain names.
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