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I. About .中国 domain names
What are .中国domain names?
What are the advantages of registering .中国 domain names?
II.Select a .中国 domain name for registration
What are the naming rules and registration rules domain names?
How to choose a .中国 domain name for registration?
III.How to register the .中国 domain names
What are the procedures for .中国 domain name registration?
IV. How to use .中国 domain names
V. How to register a reserved domain name
VI.Tips after successful registration of the domain
VII. General Business FAQ

Same as the ASCII domain names, .中国 domain names are also house numbers on the Internet. In technological terms, .中国 domain names accord with the international standards for multilingual domain names released by IETF in March 2003 (RFC3454, RFC3490, RFC3491 and RFC3492).
The .中国 domain names are Chinese character top-level domain names representing China on the Internet, and same as the .CN domain names, the .中国 domain names are the component of Chinese domain name system and the global Internet domain name system, featuring universality and uniqueness around the world.
The .中国 domain names are similar to the ASCII domain names in use, belonging to the fundamental services on the Internet, and able to provide such application services as WWW, EMAIL and FTP based on the domain names, with the details as shown below:
1.Making your own or your own entity’s homepage;
2.Making your own or your own entity’s e-mail system, to achieve the functions of mail sending and receiving, and external contacts;
3.Use in enterprise and product promotion, for example: to display your own or your own entity’s homepage address. domain names can be pointed to your own Weibo or web space.
1.As the Chinese own domain names, they are easy to memorize, popularize and disseminate;
2.Adopting the Chinese input, they conform to the Chinese use habit;
3.Featuring universal application, automatic transcoding, the traditional and simplified Chinese input can be equivalently available;
4.The remarkable identification can reflect its own values and positioning;
5.The full Chinese services are applicable to the Chinese laws, and can fully protect the interests of users;
6.The rich domain name resources can offer you satisfactory domains. 
What are the naming rules and registration rules for .中国 domain names?

1. Users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with the Chinese characters, English letters a-z(insensitive to cases), Arabic numerals 0-9 and half-angle hyphen “-”, but “-” cannot be placed at the beginning or end.
2. According to the Registration and Service Announcement of .中国(.China), From 29th October, 2012,users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with the Chinese characters, English letters or Arabic numerals and hyphen for .中国(.China)domain name with the naming rules of “.CN” and other TLDs as the references.
For example:
Simply use Chinese characters: 互联网中心.中国
Simply use English letters:
Simply use Arabic numerals:
Combining with Chinese characters and English letters: 互联网
Combining with English letters and Arabic numerals:
Combining with Chinese characters and Arabic numerals: 互联网
3. The maximum length for registration should be 63 symbols after the .中国 domain name is transferred into punycode or 20 Chinese characters (The transcoding method refers to “Online Transcoding of .中国 Domain Names”).
You can choose a .中国 domain name for registration according to your own needs and preferences, such as:
1. The vocabulary significantly marking the registrant’s major products can be named by your own unit trademark or trade name + your product name, such as: 腾讯.中国, 小度.中国;
2. Vocabulary directly marking the domain name registrant, such as 蓝天救援.中国;
3. Enterprise or product advertising language;
4. Network popular words simple and easy to memorize. 
1.Select the name and registration term of a domain name to be registered
The .中国 domain names shall follow the principle of “first application for the first registration”.
The .中国 domain names can be registered for service up to 10 years, you can freely select the registration term within 10 years (with “year” as the unit). 

2.Log in our web site “WHOIS lookup” to inquiry the domain name information.
You can log in our website ( and use the “WHOIS lookup” to verify the registration results of the domain name.
Case 1: When the inquired domain name is not registered, it will prompt “The info does not exist”, and then you can try submitting application to registrar. The details are shown below:

Case2: When the inquired domain name has been registered, it will display the inquired domain name registration information. At this point, you can take the measures as follows:
(1) Add “-”, Chinese characters, letters or numbers to the domain name already registered, or change for another combination to try submitting application for registration;
(2) Contact the “registrant” of this domain name displayed in the WHOIS lookup results to resolve the domain name dispute through consultation;
Case 3: When the inquired domain name is subject to the protective registration, it means that such domain name can only be registered by the corresponding protected entity. When the inquired domain name is subject to prohibited registration, it means that any user can not apply for registration. For details, contact our Center or registrar for confirmation. The details are as shown below: 



Please use the link to get detailed information of how to register a reserved domain name.


3. Select a satisfactory registrar on the accredited registrar list of our Center.
The registrar refers to the entity able to approach domain name registration, directly complete registration of domain names in domestic China.
We have certified a number of domestic and overseas registrars, so you can get access for information about registrars and overseas partners through our website.
Domestic registrars:

Overseas registrars:

The .中国 domain names are subject to the oriented-market price. At the action of the market rule, the registrars will develop a reasonable price based on the market conditions. It is recommended that you choose a satisfactory registrar for domain name registration according to its service quality, price and other relevant factors.

4. Contact a registrar and submit domain name registration data
When applying for domain name registration, you should submit the following information to a registrar in a written or electronic form:
(1) The domain name whose registration is applied for;
(2) The hostnames and IP addresses of the primary and secondary domain name servers;
(3) The natural person applicant shall submit the name, ID card number,certificate type,mailing address, telephone number, email and so on;the legal person or incorporate organization applicant shall submit the organization name, organization certificate number,certificate type, mailing address, email and telephone number and so on;
(4) Names, mailing addresses, emails and telephone numbers of the applicant's registration contact, management contact, technical contact, payment contact and the principal undertaker;

(5) Period of domain name registration.
The domain name registration application may be different among registrars. You can confirm the submission way of domain name registration application with your registrar.The registrar shall submit the domain name registration information stated as above to CNNIC within one working day afer receiving the domain name registration application. 


5. Sign a domain name registration agreement and keep the relevant documents
While handling domain name services, it is recommended that you sign a registration agreement or contract with your registrar, and keep the relevant documents, in order to better safeguard your rights and interests. 


6. Submit authentic, accurate and complete registration and application information
While submitting  domain name registration application to a registrar, you should submit the color electronic copies of application materials as required, such as a colorful scanned copy, hard copy or photo of the original materials, usually including:

(1) Identification of a natural person;

(2) Identification of a legal person and an unincorporated organization;

(3) Other information related to domain name registration application.


7. Verify the domain name registration information
Registrant shall check whether the name, registration term and contact email is authentic, accurate and complete. The application information shall be completely consistent with the registration data in the “WHOIS lookup” system.

You can verify the submitted registration information as follows:
(1) Our Center’s website “
WHOIS lookup”system;
(2) “WHOIS lookup” system on the registrar’s website. 


8. Pay close attention to domain name auditing results
Approval of the domain name verification must meet the following requirements:
(1) The domain name shall accord with the requirements of
Internet Domain Name Regulations(MIIT Order No.30);
(2) The domain name registration information should be authentic, accurate and complete, and identification information can pass through the data validation by Chinese authorities;
(3) The application materials should match the registration data in the “
WHOIS lookup” system.
Once the domain name online application is submitted, the registrar will make initial verification of the domain name registration information and data. After the domain name has passed through the verification, the registrar will submit the application documents to CNNIC for further verification, CNNIC finishes reviewing the domain name registration information and data in one working days.
You can pay close attention to the verification progress and status of your domain name through the registrar.


9. After the domain name registration is completed, pay close attention to the record and verification results through ICP record management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
If your domain name has passed through the verification, it indicates that the domain name has been successfully registered. The domain name itself does not need to be recorded. However, if you use the domain name for any website application, your website shall be recorded according to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China for website management.
The website record is not undertaken or approved by our Center. The user should contact the relevant Internet access service provider (ISP) or registrar to complete the website record through the provincial communications authorities.


10. Enable domain name resolution and start using the domain name
Same as the CN domain names, after the user completes the registration process of a .中国 domain name, the corresponding DNS, WWW and Email shall be configured before this .中国 domain name can be really used. Simply speaking, the .中国 and CN domain names are similar in configuration process, but the configuration files of such existing servers as DNS, WWW and Email can not yet support direct editing in Chinese, so the Punycode transcoding shall be a must before configuration for proper work, and users can complete transcoding through the “ transcoding tool for .中国 domain names
” in our Center’s website.
Specifically as follows:
Method 1 (recommended):
(1) The user can set the DNS server when registering .中国 domain as the DNS resolution server provided by the registrar;
(2) The user can entrust a domain name registrar to configure the resolution server of this .中国 domain name;
(3) Officially put the .中国 domain name in use;
If you are using the Apache HTTP server, your service provider may configure the Virtual Host of the DNS resolution server, specifically referring to the virtual host configuration in our Center’s website:

(1) The user can set the DNS server when registering .中国 domain as his own DNS resolution server
(2) The user configures the .中国 DNS server on his own.


 IV.How to use .中国 domain names
Currently, the global mainstream browsers, such as IE7.0, IE8.0, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari, have already achieved direct support to .中国 domain names. You can directly enter the .中国 domain name in the address bar to get direct access to the corresponding website, such as: 
Besides, in the .中国 domain name delimiters, the half-angle and full-angle “.” in English is equivalent to the Chinese period “。”, such as:
Domains above are equivalent and can get access to the same website accordingly.
The simplified and traditional .中国 domain names are equivalent either. For example:
Domains above are equivalent and can get access to the same website accordingly.
As IE 7.0 or lower browsers cannot achieve direct support to “.中国” domain names,we recommend that you’d better upgrade your current browser or change it to the global mainstream browsers, such as IE7.0, IE8.0, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari to get direct access to the corresponding website . 
Reserved domain names refer to protected domain names in accordance with the provisions of Articles 27 and 28 of the Internet Domain Name Regulations.
1. The applicant shall contact a registrar to mail the following application materials to our Center, including:
(1) Domain Name Registration Form sealed by the applicant; download
(2) A colorful hard copy or scanned copy of the registrant's identification;
(3) A colorful hard copy or scanned copy of the registrant contact's identification;
(4) A colorful hard copy or scanned copy of other materials regarding the reasons for protection of the domain name.
2. Our Center audits the application documents
The registrar will submit the application materials to our Center. If they are qualified, our Center will transfer the domain name to the database of the registrar. If they are not qualified, our Center will notify the registrar of the reasons. The auditing time will be five working days since our Center receives the relevant materials.  
After the .中国 domain has been successfully registered, what does the user need to pay attention to?
In order to ensure the registrant’s legitimate rights and interests to legally hold the domain and properly implement the Internet applications, you shall pay attention to any change of the domain information after registration to ensure that the domain registration information be authentic, accurate and complete.
1. You should verify whether the domain registration information is correct through the “WHOIS lookup” on our Center’s website or the registrar;
2. If the registration information has any change, such as the registrant, registrant contact and contact ways, timely notification shall be submitted to the registrar for correction to ensure the effectiveness of the domain registration information;
3. The password acts as a valid ID for handling of the domain services, so please properly keep the management password provided by the registrar for domain management and maintenance, as well as the auth-code used to transfer the registrar;
4. Keep smooth contact with your registrar to ensure timely renewal;
According to the provisions in Implementing Rules of China ccTLD Registration, after a domain name expires, it will automatically enter the renewal confirmation period, and the domain name holder will confirm whether to renew the domain name within 30 days upon expiration. The registrar shall cancel the domain name if the domain name holder confirms not to renew the domain name in writing; if the domain name holder neither expresses whether or not to renew the domain name in writing within 30 days nor renews the domain name, the registrar shall cancel the domain name after 30 days.

VII. General Business FAQ

1. How to transfer registration of .中国 domain names?
Transfer of registration of domain names refers to changing domain name holder's registration information.

According to Chapter 4 Domain Name Changes and Cancellation in Implementing Rules of China ccTLD Registration, a registrar shall establish and publicize domain name transfer rules, and review the domain name tranfer applications and identity certification materials of the parties to the transfer. The registrar shall review the transfer application materials within three working days upon receipt thereof and change the domain name holder in accordance with the rules after the qualified review result. 

 You can submit materials required for domain name holder, usually the identification documents of both sides, to your current registrar. After the qualified auditing your willingness and materials, the registrar will help you transfer registration of domain name.Please confirm the change way and handling procedures with your current registrar.


2. How to change .中国 domain name registrar?

Change .中国 domain name registrar means transfering your domain name from one registrar to another, that is the change of registrar information.

The original registrar (hereinafter referred to as the transferor) shall send the correct transfer code to the domain name holder within three working days after verifying the identity and willingness of the domain name holder applying for a transfer code, and shall not charge for the transfer.

You can get the transfer code by submitting qualified materials required for registrar changing, and pass the correct transfer code to the transferee to complete registrar changing.For requirements and materials mentioned above, please see note to Chapter 5 Changing of Registrars in Implementing Rules of China ccTLD Registration.


3.How to resolve the domain name dispute?
Resolve the domain name dispute through the domain name dispute resolution procedures on the basis of 
China ccTLD Resolution Policy Rules and China ccTLD Dispute Resolution Policy. The entities for domain name dispute resolution are as follows:
China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission,
Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre,

World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center,

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