Letter of Commitment on Accession to Self-Discipline Convention of Internet Address Resource Service Industry
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1. We realize that the Internet address resources that we provide services constitute the core infrastructure of the Internet while Internet is the core of infrastructure in the information society. Our work is concerning the service quality of core Internet infrastructure and whether it is possible to offer a basic platform of premium quality in an information society for harmonious development.

2. We hereby declare our common wish to establish a registration service order that is able to fully safeguard the users’ legitimate rights and interests and vigorously promote the harmonious and sound development in the industry.

3. We have come to the realization that in the public welfare services including the Internet address registration, the registries engaged in registration service are the subjects to carry out the registration activities, shoulder the responsibility to provide convenient, efficient, professional and honest registration service to users and perform the obligations to guide the users’ rational address name registration.

4. We have reached a consensus and appeal to the industry that the self-discipline in the industry is an effective measure to enhance the healthy development of the Internet address industry, and registries engaged in the Internet address registration service should sign a self-discipline convention by adhering to the philosophy of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win.

5. We make solemn commitment that we will actively fulfill the eight industry self-discipline commitments by following the law-abiding, fair and honest self-discipline principles in the industry.

6. We agree to ensure all sufficient participation of all stakeholders with an open attitude during the self-discipline process in the Internet address registration service industry. We are voluntarily subject to the supervision by the registered users, news media and competent authorities.

7. We are firmly convinced that we will pioneer a path to prosperity for a sustainable Internet address registration service industry by faithfully fulfilling the service commitment in Self-Discipline Convention and meeting the clients’ needs.



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