Three Biggest Threats Faced by Internet in the Future

Traditionally, spam, malicious software and cyber crimes are viewed as the main threats of Internet security. As a matter of fact, the three biggest threats faced by Internet in the future are:


(1) Threat from big data: As the technology develops, it is becoming easier to collect and deal with big data while there will be more and more trading of big data as a kind of goods. The protection of these data is faced with threats.


(2) Threat from government: Given the increasing cyber security incidents, the calling for government lawmaking and enforcement are mounting. The judicial activities of government, however, will not mitigate such incidents. On the contrary, the cyber security will be threatened by bad laws in most cases.


(3) Threat from online arms race: As the western military powers including US are preparing for such arms race, the constant emergence of new cyber arms will constitute the biggest potential threat to the cyber security.


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