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On May 28, 2012, CNNIC Published Notification of Adjustment on .CN Domain Name Registration Service. In accordance with the second article of the Announcement, namely “the standalone top-level domain name ‘.中国’ will starts from October 29, 2012, have reference to the naming rules of ‘.CN’ domain name and other top-level domain names. Users may use Chinese characters, English letters, and Arabic numerals independently or in a combined manner, or combine them with hyphen ‘-’ to name the domain name. To safeguard the rights and interests of related interested parties, registration of such domain names consisting of English letters only or Arabic numerals only in combination with hyphen ‘-’ will be noticed separately”, the Notification is as follows:

I. In an effort to maintain the normal order of domain name registration and safeguard the State and public interests, CNNIC sets up periods for privileged registration and Privileged upgrade after taking advice from relevant administrative departments and experts. In these periods, related interested parties are endowed the privilege to apply for “” domain name.

II. Please refer to Registration Rules for Privileged Registration and Privileged Upgrade of “” Domain Name for detailed registration rules in Privileged registration and Privileged upgrade.

“.中国” is a Chinese top-level domain name representing China in the global Internet network. Users can apply voluntarily based on their own demands for Internet development. If you have any opinion or suggestion concerning the Notification above, please contact our center via the following contact details:

Tel. 010-58813000 (7×24 hours)


Fax: 010-58812666


China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)

August 17, 2012




For details, please read:
Registration Regulations on Privileged Registration and Privileged Upgrade of “English/”Domain Name




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