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This document describes China Internet Network Information Center (“CNNIC”) Registration Policy, which defines the registration policies and eligibility requirements of the Top Level Domain “.公司” (xn—55qx5d) in General Availability Period. During this period, CNNIC will conduct Claim Service in accordance with ICANN’s mandatory trademark claims process for 90 days after the start of General Availability Period.

Registration Date
Claims Period for General Availability: Sep 15, 2014 – Dec 14, 2014  length of 90 days
General Availability Period: Sep 15, 2014—
Registration Terms
●The Domain Name Label must:

 *consist of Chinese simplified or traditional characters, the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9 and hyphens;
 *not begin or end with a hyphen;
 *not exceed 63 characters( for non-ASCII label, this criteria is applied to the length of punycode transferred from Chinese label).
 *not exceed 20 Chinese characters
 *contains at least one character
●Domain names will be registered on a “first come-first served” basis.
Operation Terms
●Active renew
 If domain name owner takes initiative to do renewal, 15 days after renewal will be counted as Renewal Grace Period, during which if registration service organization deletes the domain, CNNIC will return renewal fees. 

●Automatic renew
 *One year automatic renewal will be implemented when domain name expires, fees will be deducted from registration service organization where domain name belongs. 

 *Renewal confirmation period (30 days after automatic renewal): if domain name holders submit a written form of not renewal notice, domain name service organization should cancel the domain name; If domain name holder neither submit any notice nor renew, domain name registration service organization can cancel the domain name once renewal confirmation period completes.
 *Automatic renewal period (45 days after automatic renewal): if registration service organization cancels domain name, CNNIC will return deducted automatic renewal fees back to its prepaid account. 

 *Renewal prohibition: if domain name registration information is untrue, incomplete and inaccurate, and users do not update during regulated time, CNNIC can require registrars not to provide renewal service to such users. 
●The domain name holder shall not apply for changing the registrar in the following circumstances:
 *The domain name has been registered for less than sixty days;
 *The period of registration will expire in less than fifteen days;
 *The domain name has been registered with unpaid registration fees;
 *The domain name holder has unidentified or is in disputed status;
 *The domain name is held under proceedings of a judicial body, an arbitration institution or a domain name dispute resolution institution.

●Transfer redemption period 
15 days after transfer is counted as Transfer Grace Period, during which if transferor withdraws the domain, CNNIC will return the transfer fees to the prepaid account.
●Change the ownership
Any registrant that applies for changing the ownership of domain name transfer shall submit the valid and effective application form for domain name transfer and identification. Registrars shall complete auditing when receiving application materials within three working days and change the domain name holder after the qualified auditing result.

●Update registration information
The registrars shall submit the changed registration information to CNNIC within three working days after receiving the changing request from the domain name holder, nevertheless the registrar shall not make changes to any client’s registration information without the consent of the domain name holder.

Any organization that applies for domain name cancellation shall submit the valid and effective application form for domain name cancellation and identification documents. Registrars shall audit when receiving the materials above within three working days and cancel the domain name holder after the qualified auditing result.
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