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The Competitive Advantages of “.网络"


Understanding “.网络”: A “.网络” domainprovides you with an online distinction that you deserve to have. Its registration is open to all organizations, corporations and individuals engaged in Chinese Internet services.
“.网络” domain is the most unique and professional Chinese domain among all the new gTLDs.

● It is the most versatile gTLD in the Chinese-speaking community.

● Just like “.NET”: it is widely usable and recognizable

● The best choice for your business localization in China

● It targets a specific audience and makes your business stand out

Registration Stability: Our registration system is both healthy and stable. It will respond 100% to registration, update and deletion actions by a registrant.

Domain Resolution Stability: Supported by multiple servers worldwide, we can support a workload of 1 billion times per day and domain accessibility from any parts of the world.

Inquiry Stability: With local data encrypted and remote data backed-up, our system can respond to any inquiry requests within 30ms.

Real-name Verification Made Easy: All the application material for real-name verification can be submitted electronically, which made the Chinese domain registration process significantly easier.

Efficient Verification Process: Our back-end platform will automatically review and verify the real-name information and domain names. The results will be available in an unprecedentedly short amount of time: merely 5 minutes.

Any time, anywhere: We are the first registry in China that offers a mobile APP to help you manage and inquire domain information at any time and anywhere you want.

Domain Business Card: We tailor our domain space according to your needs. We also offer domain business card, CV and credibility information showcase service.

Chinese-language Email Services: A free and unique Chinese email address can be set up according to your Chinese domain name, which better promotes your domain.

Customer Support: Our customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding Chinese domains.

Premium User Experience: With our well-established domain name policies, we strive to provide the user experience for you. 

Experienced and Established: With 14 years of experience in the domain business, we promise a professional, well-developed and standard service system for you.

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