In order to ensure the secure application of .CN and .中国, CNNIC assumes the responsibility of monitoring the operation and the security of the domain name service system through the platform independently developed by CNNIC. In order to detect abnormal behavior in time, this system detects malicious application of domain names every day and instantly analyzes the security features of DNS traffic at the resolution. It has also built a mechanism for detecting and tackling malicious domain names in order to quickly and accurately crack down pornographic and phishing websites. Statistics data shows that .CN has become one of the most secure and reliable top level domain names. According to the statistics of the Alliance, .CN accounts for only 0.29% of all the phishing websites.

Monthly Handling of Phishing Websites

Monthly Handling of Phishing Websites

Tendency Chart of .CN Real Name Rate and .CN Phishing Website Volume

Since 2011, the real name rate of national domain names has been kept above 99%. The illegal and inappropriate application of .CN has almost disappeared.

Tendency Chart of Phishing Websites

Distribution of Industries Involving the Phishing Websites

Tourism Payment Finance Media Games
Messaging Others
June 2013

Counterfeit Objects of Phishing Websites

ZheJ TV CMB PayPal Hunan TV Tencent
June 2013

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