In 2014, advancement of new gTLD program floods out over 1,300 new gTLDs, including over 70 new Chinese gTLDs. Shortly, these new domains will be open to the public for registration. Chances to register domain names under new gTLDs are huge, meaning great possibilities on Cybersquatting and abuse of the domain names on trademarks; therefore, with more and more enterprise business showing online, corresponding trademarks on the Internet will encounter a big challenge. CNNIC, a registration management and root server operating agency for Chinese top-level domains, is capable to provide various packages of comprehensive domain name services and online trademark protection solutions. 
TMCH Introduction
A trademark holder/agent registered at TMCH can enjoy the following benefits:
Before a new gTLD becomes available to the public, he or she can enjoy priority registration of domain names matching the corresponding trademark records in TMCH at least 30 days earlier.
Within 90 days into the Sunrise Period, he or she will be notified if a third party registers a new gTLD domain name that matches the protected trademark records.
In case of domain name disputes, his or her TMCH records will be a powerful evidence that significantly increases the chance of winning the lawsuit.
Registered trademarks, or court validated marks
Marks protected by statue or treaty
 Court-validated marks
 Any other marks that constitute Intellectual Property (IP) rights in accordance with the registry's policies and that meet the eligibility requirements of the Trademark Clearinghouse.
Basic TMCH Service
Before each top-level domain registration opens to the public, for at least 30 days priority registration period (sunrise period), trademark holder in TMCH have rights to register domain names corresponding to the trademarks to avoid trademark domain names cybersquatting.
Brand Domain Monitoring
Brand Domain Protection
Over 1,300 new top-level domains, and nearly 300 traditional top-level domains, will bring great challenges to domain name registration and management for the enterprises. CNNIC will provide registration agency services and maintenance services through worldwide domain registrars
Industry Domain Monitoring
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