Consultation Services
We can assist you in the application process. 

  ● Initial Appraisal: Evaluation and advisement

● Contract assistance and Root Server delegation test

Hosting Services

Our rich experience has supported the technical operation of new gTLDs such as “.公司”、“.网络”、“.广东” &“.佛山”. 

5+2 Support: RDDS, SRS, DNS, DNSSEC and Data Escrow are the minimum capacities that ICANN requires a registry operator to possess. Apart from the fore-mentioned, CNNIC can also support your Registry Operator Business Support System (BSS) and Registrar Support System (RSS). Our service will help you better operate and manage top-level domain names. 

First-class Service: Resistant to attacks and promising good stability, our service quality much exceeds the requirements in ICANN’s SLA. 

Shared DNS Nodes: Country code TLDs have 41 DNS nodes worldwide. By sharing some of the nodes, you are also sharing their global accessibility.

Our 17 years of experience has resulted in expertise and mature products/services in every section of the domain service system. We can tailor our service to your needs.

RDDS                                         BSS

       RSS                                      smartDNSSEC

Operation Monitor: Our monitor services has enabled a wide monitoring coverage of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we can detect possible flaws ranging from system bugs, software/hardware coordination’s, node traffics and so on to ensure the top-level domain is functioning. 

Application Monitor: Based on our current services, we have also enabled monitor and analytics of web content. Reporting websites with illegal contents and dysfunctional applications is a powerful way of Internet governance.

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